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It’s festival time again! This year, the festival is all about “reinvention”. An overview of the usual dense program in seven stations.

© Hand for an Eye

The search for reinvention strategies is one of the dominant themes in this year’s festival programme, according to festival director Christoph Slagmüelder: “Many of the works presented refer to a society that is no longer what it was before…but not yet in one place. A new place. We have to. We leave known patterns behind and create new ones. We need to change. But what needs to be changed and how do we get an idea of ​​what is “new”? Stages of theater are potentially fertile ground for the emergence of this new thing. They give shape to future scenarios, invoking imagination and speculation. as distinguished guests.

last night on earth

In addition to producing and presenting new artworks, Wiener Festwochen’s main approach is the interweaving of various artistic disciplines and forms of expression. The best and most extensive example: broadcast live on TV as usual Openingwhich this year – under the guidance of the director and author David Schalko – the address “last night on earth she wears. One night on the ground before the journey begins. Introductory night for a festival still unknown shapes, societies and visions. A night when spaceships communicate with each other for the first time. Before we head to new planets. A night where we dance our way into space. Draw for music design Crowder and Dorfmeister Responsible. works with: Bilderbuch, Sophia Gerenberg, Liquid Luft, Caroline Peters, Wiener Singakademie, Young Horn, Hand Met Og (visual) and Gerd Schneider (light). Interview: May 13, 9:20 p.m., City Hall Square

Austrian Museum of Black Entertainment and Black Music | © Hannah Aderse

From Arabella Kesbauer to Roberto Blanco

Vienna gets a new museum, The Austrian Museum of Black Entertainment and Black Music. It houses an extensive archive of records, journals, autographs, and memorabilia, which are displayed in a lively place to mediate and discuss black art and history. Curated by Joanna Tishko, Anta Helena Rickey, Elizabeth Hamby, Frieder Blume, and Dalia Ahmed, the museum brings together stories from black artists and performers who rose to prominence in the white-dominated German-speaking entertainment industry—from Arabella Kiesbauer and Rounder Girls to Mola Adebisi and Roberto Blanco. The exhibition is complemented by performances, lectures, panel discussions and concerts by black artists, activists and media workers currently living in Austria. The opening gig features rapper T-Ser, DJs Tonica Hunter, Tmnit Ghide and special guest Grace Marta Latigo aka OGG aka Gangster Grace. Opening: May 14, 6 p.m., ÖMSUBM (Belvedere); Exhibition: May 15th to June 11th, Tuesday to Sunday: 11am-6pm, Thursday: 11am-9pm, open Mondays on public holidays

Classical, improvisation, hip-hop and techno

Lebanese voice artist Tarek Atwi There are many ways to experience sound. For Wiener Festwochen, who is inspired by the rich collection of historical instruments at the Musikverein, he makes two unusual new musical instruments that use air as a source of sound. It combines a special musical instrumentation with remarkable tactile and sculptural qualities. Atwi program series consisting of four parts “Continuous soufflé” It invites you to embark on a musical journey with deaf, amateur, classical, improvisational, hip-hop and techno music professionals. Dates: May 20, 8 p.m., Musikverein; May 24, 8 p.m., Ruprechtskirche; June 3, 8 p.m., work; June 10, 4pm, FC 1210 Vienna

To speak the light streams out «© Rolf Arnold

Desire, resistance and solidarity

Intense interaction with the audience and playful experiences for all senses distinguish the work Cat Macintosh. at “To speak the light spills” Four artists open up a listening space with rhythm and sounds. The orchestration of strong heartbeats and polyrhythmic sounds underscores the positive anxiety of political poetic texts. Desire, resistance and solidarity! The collaborative evening forges a desire to change language and the world – and designs diverse forms of beings that vibrate with a lust for life. Dates: May 22, 23, 24, 8:30 p.m. each time, Northwest Breed

A tribute to someone who shaped music and art

Peter Ryberg, the Viennese musician and founder of Editions Mego, who died last year, dedicates the festival weeks to a long night worthy of music and companions. Artist Gisele Wien: “Through his unique and inspiring work, which he brings to all of our joint projects, through his immense knowledge of music and as an outstanding creative director of labels, Peter Riberg’s influence has been enormous. In this central role he had a lasting influence on music, performing arts, and contemporary art. All this has made him a prominent figure in art since the mid-nineties. Its effect will last for a long time “Tribute to Peter Reiberg and the Migo Edition” Featuring: Katrina Barbieri, Shra, Electric Indigo, Fiennes, Finlay Shakespeare, General Magic, Tina Frank, Hecker, Eno Ki Endo, Jung An Tag, KMRU, Nick Kolk Foyed, Russell Haswell and Ten Man. Date: May 28, 9pm, work

Einstein on the Beach © Markus Selg

intoxicating musical theater

“Einstein on the Beach” It is a futuristic work somewhere between installation, ritual and theater. theater renovator Susan Kennedy And the plastic artist Marcus Selig Organizing an opera for the first time. Boundaries are broken: those between human and machine, reality and simulation, and those between theater, fine art, and virtual worlds. Inspired by unconventional genius Albert Einstein, Philip Glass and Robert Wilson created Einstein on the Shore, a 20th-century masterpiece that goes against all opera rules and does not follow a linear narrative structure. From Ecstasy to Utopia – Intoxicating Musical Theater as a Frontier Experiment. Dates: June 10, 7 p.m., Hall E at Museumsquartier; June 11, 6 p.m., Hall E in the Museum District

Continued sexual liberation

Inspired by Carole Schneemann’s performance of “The Joy of Meat” from 1964, the choreographer explores Michael Vandevelde Together with members of the Munich band Kammerspiele and representatives of the sex positivity scene, the current understanding of sexuality. “Joy 2022” Questions such as: Where do we stand – decades after the sexual revolution in the 1960s? How can we continue to advocate liberation, attempting sensual practices that go beyond normative clichés? A sensual and brutal composition of movement, text, and personal experiences of the performers. Dates: June 11 and 12, 8 p.m., Folk Theater

This year’s Wiener Festwochen takes place from May 13 to June 18 at various venues around Vienna.

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