Everything you need to know about Amazon Freevee

With Amazon Freevee, another streaming service from the US retail giant is set to appear in Germany this year alongside Amazon Prime Video. This emerged from a recent press release from the company.

In this article we discuss the topic of the new streaming service, why it seems to be coming out of nowhere and all the other questions about getting started in Germany.

Where does Amazon Freevee come from anyway?

It looks like Amazon Freebie came out of nowhere. That’s because the service existed before but with a different name and not in Germany. The service was formerly known as IMDb TV, which Amazon has now renamed Freevee.

Also, IMDb TV will probably mean little to most of you as the service is only available in the US and UK so far. The new name of the platform, i.e. Amazon Freevee, has been in effect since April 27. However, the service is not yet available in Germany.

IMDb started as a platform for reviews, ratings and a public database where you can find details about all kinds of movies and series. You can see which actors are playing, trailers collected, release dates and much more. However, the films represented in this database are not directly related to the Amazon Freevee Show.

What is the difference between Amazon Prime Video and Freevee?

Both Amazon Prime Video and Freevee are streaming platforms for movies and series. The biggest difference here is the payment model. Prime Video is integrated into the Amazon Prime membership, for which you pay a monthly fee.

Freevee, on the other hand, is ad-supported. So you don’t pay to watch the content here, but you do see ads on the platform and in between the videos.

Freevee wants to offer free entertainment. Source: Pixabay

What movies and series are on the platform?

There are a number of series and movies to watch on Freevee. Listing them all would be beyond the scope of this article. You can find an overview of the content available on Freevee on this page. However, it is only available for free to viewers from the United States at the moment.

Freevee’s catalog contains movies and series from a variety of categories. From children’s entertainment to the excitement and adaptation of video games such as “Hitman,” it’s all included. Interestingly, the US show currently also includes the “Bosch” series, as it also plays on Amazon Prime. The group is practically competing with itself here.

In the press release, Amazon stated that it wants to increase the range of self-produced content by 70 percent in 2022. To that end, the company wants to produce series such as crime series “Bosch: Legacy,” home design series “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis,” and TV series “Bosch: Legacy.” Comedy “Sprunge” and “High School”. The press release lists the following films and series as the highlights already available:

  • Best Uninterrupted Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazer (Sports Documentary Series)
  • Alex Rider (Spy series)
  • Luke Brian: My Memoirs on the Dirt Road (Musical Documentary)
  • Bug Out (true crime documentary)
  • Judy Justice (court series)

It is currently still unclear which films and series from this list or those linked above will also initially be available in Germany.

If none of this content appeals to you, you can also take a look at the classic TV show. However, this was not what it used to be:

When will Amazon Freevee be available in Germany?

Amazon has not given a specific start date for Germany. In the press release, the company only wrote that the service will be available during the year. Freevee was previously launched in the UK last September.

This expansion is also probably due to the rapid growth of the platform. According to Amazon, Freevee, or at the time IMDb TV, has tripled its monthly users in the US in the past two years. Amazon may be promising similar rapid growth here in Germany.

Especially as the market with providers like Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+, and more is facing more and more competition, Amazon wants to differentiate itself from the competition with its free offering. With Freevee, the US group then releases a very large product for free to consumers in a sea of ​​fee-paying providers.

This can help collect many users quickly and convert them into paying customers thanks to its proximity to Amazon Prime. At least that should be the rough direction of Freevee’s launch in Germany.

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