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The Toten Hosen celebrated their birthday and is going on tour soon. Frontman Campino is currently experiencing an entirely different kind of stress – as a football fan.

Perhaps there is no more famous fan of Liverpool in Germany than Andreas Frigg, aka Campino (59), the evil rocker of Dusseldorf Die Tottenhausen. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the band, the German news agency of the singer spoke about his favorite club before the end of the season with the FA Cup final against Chelsea (14 May), the Championship (the last match May 22) and the Champions League final against Real Madrid speaking (May 28). As well as a long time ago “aberration”.

Campino, let’s talk about football. Perhaps it is indeed fitting that the anniversary celebration at Totten Heusen at the end of May coincides with four titles for Liverpool. How do you feel as a Reds fan these days?

Campino: “This is an incredible time for the club and I have a feeling everyone understands this momentum. Everyone knows we’re going through something very special. No matter how things turn out: it’s already been a great season” But it’s clear the team is hungry very close to the finish line. As a fan who can experience it firsthand, I’ve been there live for many matches, and I already have my ticket for the FA Cup Final, on the last day of the season and also for the Champions League final in Paris. I’m trying to make that work for all my tour preparations – so now I understand. But I am full of expectations.”

And do you sometimes throw the “shame of flying” into the sea because of the many trips?

Campino: “I was lucky, I’ve been in England for a few weeks, so I could always take the train to the Games. Thank God I didn’t have these struggles of conscience this time. But of course the subject remains in the room. And even double that so I can then convince myself that I’m saving the global climate with Liverpool, but of course that’s nonsense.No, it really can’t be justified from a reasonable point of view but everyone should have some oddity, and then I try to be a responsible citizen of Other areas. I can’t do that with flights to Liverpool.”

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It was once said that Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp plays “heavy metal football”. Does that suit you or does it suit you more than a game of punk rock?

Campino: “No, punk would be a little messy for me when it comes to football (laughs). In the case of Liverpool FC, I’d like things to be more orderly. Then Metal, where people play exactly on tap and exactly where everything counts. It would mean Punk: Lots of chaos, always running forward with the ball and not paying attention to defense – we don’t need that now. It’s really only the last weapon when nothing else helps.”

Football and punk rock, that’s a proven relationship. With you and your pants is the hottest with the Bayern Munich counter piece from 1999 (“Only one thing I know 100% / I’ll never go to Bayern Munich”), which is now also represented in the anniversary record. So you obviously have no regrets.

Campino: “It’s simply part of our history. I’m not particularly proud of it now, but someone had to do it back then, so it was us (laughs). But even in the South, people now have gotten past that slip and we can see we were in the league. 3rd or 4th with Fortuna Dusseldorf at the time, so for us Bayern Munich was nothing more than the moon on which the dog barked – and of course we were the dog in the picture. For Bayern Munich, there was nothing aggressive about it. However, they felt Attacking there at the time, because not only do you want to be the best, you also want everyone to like you, and that doesn’t always happen. Practice. But even Uli Hoeness took out the peace flag at some point, and then that was fine too.”

for someone: Andreas Frigg, stage name Campino, is the singer of Totten Heusen, one of the most popular rock bands in the country, for 40 years. This June, the Dusseldorf-born German-British musician will turn 60 – and before that, as a longtime fan of English Premier League club Liverpool, he’s hoping for a rich harvest of trophies.

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