‘We want to get a promotion’: HSV coach Tim Walter finally speaks in plain language

For a long time avoid using the word. Now HSV coach Tim Walter can no longer avoid that. The path is set: HSV wants to climb!

Hamburg – 90 minutes left. Perhaps a little more if there is still injury time on Sunday 15 May (start: 1:30pm) in the match against FC Hansa Rostock, who has been loaned to HSV striker Robin Meißner. After that, however, HSV Hamburg will know if the Hanseatic city will continue to be home to a second-tier team in the new season, whether they host the first-class team at Volkspark – or whether it’s HSV, the third-tier in the second division against the third. From down in the Bundesliga, you will have to land. What everyone in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg wants is clear: upgrade! Best direct.

This includes Tim Walter. HSV coach did it! finally! What exactly? Well, it’s simple: Tim Walter, after weeks of avoiding a word like the devil avoids holy water, finally talks about ascension.

Coach: Tim Laszlo Walter
Boy: November 8, 1975 (age 46) in Bruchsal
Contract with HSV until: June 30, 2023
average duration: 1.67 years
Preferred formation: 4-3-3 offensive

Will HSV succeed in promoting to the Bundesliga? Tim Walter’s team must win in Rostock and look at the competition

A few weeks ago it seemed impossible for HSV coach Tim Walter and the team from Volksparkstadion to make it happen. In the meantime, after all of HSV’s failed attempts in recent years, it’s a fact: the chance that HSV, where two defenders have been rumored to have relocated, will finally shed the pesky mantle of being only a second-tier side. Surely the gods put sweat before success – and thus also before rejoicing and progress. Equally clear: The HSV team must also see what the competition is doing – in this case, above all, the unloved neighbor Werder Bremen.

HSV coach Tim Walter: At first he never wanted to talk about it, then his team was surprised by a soaring flight — and now the coach used the word upgrade for the first time. (24hamburg.de assembly)

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But: very few people thought HSV, as the trio are still waiting for a clarification on their future, would have a real chance of having their say in the promotion race for the second German league in mid-May – and if so, then they (were) good as a perfect model for the genre” The totally rotten optimist.” Even Tim Walter lost faith a bit after the 1-0 defeat to Holstein Kiel in April: “If we don’t win matches, there’s no need to talk about promotion,” he said at the time.

HSV on the way to upgrade? Coach Tim Walter “has a lot of fun” with his team and jumps over his shadow

In the period that followed, football once again proved that no business – or hardly any business – is as fast-paced as it is. HSV has gone from triumph to triumph in the past few weeks, seemingly dumping the weaknesses that almost cost him an early upgrade into Ulster and Elbe in time, so not only is former HSV captain Gotoku Sakai stuck in faraway Japan that he believes By HSV promotion. No, meanwhile, the man at the front of the HSV sports driving bridge has no qualms in talking about it: “We want to enjoy the promotion,” HSV coach Tim Walter finally said the seemingly forbidden word in the NDR’s mouth.

He feels that his team understands him and that he is currently “having a lot of fun with his team,” continued the HSV coach at NDR. But that alone won’t be enough to give the HSV season in Rostock the happy ending the city – at least a portion of the population who doesn’t support St. Pauli but support HSV – has been waiting for for so long. After all, no one at Volksparkstadion appears to be duel on day 34, thus the last day of the long second division season. Even in HSV, where Josha Vagnoman wants to leave, no one can afford it if HSV isn’t upgraded.

HSV promotion? Coach Tim Walter finally spoke about it – and for Robert Glatzel “the club is clearly a Bundesliga club”

‘The fans’, according to HSV top scorer Robert Glatzel, who has been the subject of transfer rumours, after Walter’s team beat Hannover 96 at Volkspark in a media tour, are in HSV’s last home game of the season – and perhaps not just there – already ready. German League. For Glatzel, “there is no doubt that the club is one of the clubs of the Bundesliga.” According to the striker, he “felt the longing” that is in Hamburg for the Bundesliga.

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“We want to get that feeling back in Rostock,” Glatzel said during the media tour of Volkspark. And then, when the 90 minutes in Rostock are over, that feeling of longing should be gone. Instead, it turned into a sense of victory. And then, assuming the perfect state of ascension, boundless joy can empty itself. Even if it’s just a little more than 90 minutes of regular gameplay…

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