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Now it’s official: In the new men’s rankings list published on Monday, not a single Austrian is in the top 100.

This was the last time on April 18 1986, when 18-year-old Thomas Muster was Austria’s best at 119th and was just beginning to climb up to number one.

The tennis boom launched by Muster, Horst Skov, Alex Antonich and soon after Gilbert Schaller in the early and mid-1990s inspired many children and young adults to try tennis for themselves and created a vastness that was also used by many of the top local players provided.

Bresnik: ‘It’s really bitter’

While only Peter Feigl and Hans Kary made it to the top 100 before Muster, after 1986, including Muster, 16 different people from ÖTV advanced to this elite circle. Quite a few, for a small country like Austria.

After 36 years, he’s in the top 100 again without a red, white, and red athlete.

“It’s really bitter,” former Team coach Gunter Bresnik said in an interview. LAOLA1 I was shocked by this development. “First of all for the athletes themselves, but it’s also an indication that not everything has gone perfectly in the past.”

“In addition, you can now see how important the eras of Muster, Skov, Antonich and Schaller were. They made a lasting improvement in Austrian tennis at the time. Whoever came after, like Stefan Kubic or Markus Hepfel, in the wake of this era emerged. These All are after effects from that time.”

Criticism of association work in recent years

This “first generation that came after” was “another association generation.” “They were trained in state associations and then developed really well in the southern part of town. That was demolished after that. I’ve been preaching that since the 1990s it’s simply been missing,” notes Bresnik, who has a tennis academy with top players in The southern part of the city is led by Gael Monfils or Dennis Novak.

A little over a year ago, Jürgen Melzer took over as ÖTV’s new Sports Director. One of his stated goals when he took office was to produce more successful youngsters in Tennis Austria once again.

A lot has happened since then, especially in the championship sector. While there have been almost no smaller international events in the past 10 years, three Challenger Championships and eight future tournaments this year are taking place in Austria, where young local players can take their first steps internationally at low cost.

Last week, for example, five ÖTV players made it to the round of 16 at the Mauthausen Challenger, which was held for the first time. In addition, Yurij Rodionov scored an important 100 points in the world rankings by winning the championship, thanks to which he even managed to become the new domestic number one – ahead of Denis Novak, who only failed at Mauthausen in the semifinals.

Kids education should be better

“Jürgen works hard and works hard. But it takes time before you can make a difference,” says Bresnik, who sees a great need to catch up with the training of the younger ones.

“The most important thing, in my opinion, is to have well-trained trainers who can teach children a good technical foundation from an early age.”

Bresnik demands a better job at base

“The most important thing, in my opinion, are well-trained coaches who can teach children a good technical foundation from an early age. And by this I don’t mean the coach who can teach Djokovic the right forehand, but the coaches who can teach the kids the right grip, teach proper running, and work with the foot , and the effect on the three basic strikes.”

“Then you have a lot of good 12-year-olds that you can really ‘handle’ with competitive tennis. But if you have to re-learn the stroke at that age with the kid, the kid is going to be bad, because in the international tournaments kids can do ‘,” says Bresnik, explaining the problem.

In the short term, all hopes rest on Tim

However, it is also clear that even if these proposals are implemented soon, a lot of water will still flow down the Danube before the first beneficiaries, thanks to these improvements, reach the top 100 in the world rankings for Austria.

From a red, white and red point of view, we hope Dominic Thiem can get back into the top 100 faster. Coming back after a nine-month hiatus of injury is currently going through some bumps. Four games later, the world number three and 2020 US Open winner is still waiting for his first win.

“I definitely didn’t expect great successes to come back at first. But I do believe that he will be able to return to his old strength,” Bresnik is convinced of his former disciple, despite all the current problems.

No advice from Bresnik to Tim

But he doesn’t want to give Tim any big advice: “I’ve always hated it when you judge things you don’t know any inside information about. I was often touched by the fact that people criticize things they don’t do” I don’t understand at all, I have no idea about or You don’t know why something is the way it is.”

And Bresnik himself is now missing Thiem’s ​​idea: “I don’t know if it still hurts me, what the injury is and I haven’t seen a picture of it and haven’t talked to a doctor about it. First of all, you should go with me and talk to him about it. I don’t know if You could have done anything better than what you’re already doing. It’s hard to say.”

“I can’t wait for it all to work out after three games”

“I can only say from my many years working with Dominic that there was rarely anything he did well from the start – it was always a long process. That’s why I can’t expect everything to be OK again after three matches. ‘, says Bresnik, who also notes that the recent defeat in Madrid against Andy Murray should be kept in mind.

After all, after Tim, the Scotsman also put the Canadian Denis Shapovalov in his place – after all, he is currently number 16 in the world. Accordingly, one need not describe Murray as a “rough dog with a broken thigh,” as some did after his victory over Tim.

“Murray is a really good player and he’s been back for a long time. Dominic is new from injury and it’s a new area for him as well because he hasn’t had an injury for so long before that. It’s going to take time for sure.”

Tim should be given this time. No great advice from outside is needed for this or will not help for the reasons above: “As I said: You should not judge things whose true background you do not know. One of my original beliefs is to look for the cause – if you do not it can do:” Shut up about it,” says Bresnik.

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