State elections in Dinslaken, Voerde and Hünxe

View of Dinslaken, Voerde and Hünxe
What you need to know about elections in the NRW

Tensions rise and candidates go home directly on the campaign trail. This means that voters will soon have to make a decision, too. Here you can find out what you need to consider when making your choice.

A week from tomorrow, that is, on Sunday 15 May, a new state parliament will be elected in North Rhine-Westphalia. The most populous federal state makes its decision about who it wants to govern in the next five years. Will Hendrik West, who replaced Armin Laschet on October 27 last year only because he chose federal policy after failing to run for finance minister, remain in office or will NRW get a new prime minister? We can’t even answer that question yet. But here’s the latest information on the elections and how they work.

Eligibility to vote In North Rhine-Westphalia, 13.2 million people are entitled to vote. The prerequisite for this is a minimum age of 18 years, possession of German citizenship and main residence in NRW.

state institutions The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is divided into 128 electoral districts. Dinslaken belongs to the 57th district (Oberhausen II / Wesel I). In addition to Dinslaken, it also includes Oberhausen-Sterkrade. Voerde can be found in the 58th arrondissement (Wesel II), which is completed by Alpen, Kamp-Lintfort, Rheinberg, Sonsbeck and Xanten. Hünxe belongs to the 59th district (Wesel III), which is completed by Wesel, Hamminkeln and Schermbeck.

Voting centers Polling stations are assigned to individual polling areas where voters can cast their ballots. The ballot paper obtained by all eligible voters shows the polling station they must go to. There are 36 polling stations in Dinslaken, 23 in Voerde and 15 in Hünxe, and the three municipalities have posted an overview of all polling stations on their websites.

How is he elected? Each voter has two votes. In the first vote elects the direct candidate for his district, casts the second vote for the party. Thus, the state parliament consists of 128 members who are elected by first vote. In addition, 53 deputies go to Parliament by second vote. The fact that there are currently not 181, but even 199, seats in the state parliament, has to do with the backlog of states.

Election Day Polling stations in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as polling stations in Dinslaken, Voerde and Hünxe, open at 8 am and close at 6 pm. It is expected that the first forecast of the election results will be released at six in the evening. The first induction should be available around 6:30 PM. The official interim end result is not expected until late this evening.

postal vote If you wish to vote by mail, you must request the application in a timely manner on the recommendation of the Ministry of the Interior. He also advises returning state officers to send in a ballot letter by May 11. Postal voting documents are available online, and can be mailed or obtained in person at the postal polling office in the relevant municipality. By the way, ballot papers can also be filled out and returned right there on the site. If the documents are sent to you, you will find that you will receive an official ballot and a ballot paper. These two documents must be kept separate from each other to ensure that the ballot paper is not tied to an individual. Therefore, the voter also receives several envelopes, the correct use of which is explained by the attached documents.

This is how it works in Dinslaken, Voerde and Hünxe The website of the three municipalities explains well how the elections are going and where citizens can go to. All refer to the QR code on the back of the election notice, by which pre-filled personal application forms can be recalled and processed accordingly. All home pages also mention the possibility of voting directly at City Hall (legally postal voting). There is also an “election area finder” in Dinslaken, Voerde and Hünxe. All you have to do is enter your own address and you will find out at which polling station you can vote.

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