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Ahrensburg. A cry in the dark, a missing child, released the contents of a blood clot. The fact that Ahrensburg provides the setting for all kinds of deadly or dark activities may surprise some. But this is not so for the authors of a new anthology that will be available in bookstores on September 1st under the meaningful title “Ahrensmord”.

The initiator of the book project is Niels Mayer Seelbach of Arensburg. In December 2020, Abendblatt reported on his project, in which he was looking for a maximum of ten to 15 crime writers from Stormarn. Specifications: All floors must be related to the castle town. His idea has been so well received that bestselling authors such as Christian Krause and Klaus E. Spelldner loved it.

“I have set the deadline for submitting an approximate bid by February 2021.” Many had immediately sent text messages. “By the end of April, I had 28 stories finished on the table.” 20 stories entered the book. Among them is the first thriller of the amateur writer, who also works as an editor.

The oldest author is 95 years old

Because of Corona, communication was mainly via email. Except for Jens Westermann. He is 95 years old, which is the oldest. I mailed him everything. “The youngest of the authors are Meyer Seelbach’s daughters Mia and Emma. They were nine and 15 when they came up with the thriller. It’s a murder in the book basement of Eric Kandel High School,” her father explains. , but then finds out that “the vault of books really does exist.” Mia wrote most of the time, while Emma mainly provided the ideas.

Mayer-Selbach imagines that permanent coordination between adult author duos such as mother-son duo Philipp and Marlis Schwanenberg, who are working on the same script at the same time, will be more difficult. You have to be willing to compromise and sometimes bury your own ideas.

Speaking of burials: Not all authors have skeletons in the closet. Some do not use it at all in their criminal cases, others like it radical and striking. “There is the shallow thriller, the split personality, in which the perpetrators act very cruel and sometimes very bloody stories, but also amusing or touching stories, really nice,” says Mayer-Selbach. He plays at the old clinic at Manhagener Allee the night before closing. Including known places and real events gives the stories originality – and some of the details you learn while reading them may be new even to locals.

As in the thriller Sybil Rohrl of Arensburg. She stated that it arose from the “Corona depression”. “I was bored as hell. So I sat down and wrote.” The idea of ​​’Make the Child Disappear’ inspired her, of all things, to be a marble statue in front of Arensburg Town Hall. I recently found out that this depicts a child who “looks very sad and chained”.

The main cinema also plays an important role when reading

Its story revolves around five-year-old Niko who vanished without a trace. His mother only cooperates when a young police officer takes over the case. “In the police officer’s surprise, she evidently saw some bewilderment and silent thought: How could such a small child have disappeared and the mother did not notice until the next morning.” policewoman.

“We are very quick to talk about other people’s guilt,” said the 73-year-old, who was formerly a teacher. But sometimes it is not easy to determine who is to blame for what is happening. Or who is evil. As in Fritz Eickenscheidt’s thriller “Der Bücherfreund”, which begins without damage. Three bored teens discover a chest in the old warehouse at the Marstall site. The fact that they are unable to assess the value of the content may be because “there is a tipping point in young people’s preference for literature,” says Eichenschedt, part of the team at the Literary Café in Marstal and author of the plays.

He once gave a brief glimpse of the old warehouse from the inside and described it as “closed from the outside in.” Marstall employees in the thriller “are based on real people, but I extracted them and gave them new characteristics.” He doubted with a smile on their faces they should recognize themselves in his characters. As with Willie, who helps with theater rehearsals and searches for caretaker Freddy. “The attic gate was just open, Willy opened it, went in, and called Freddy, but he got no answer. Nothing. Dead silence.” However, readers must find out for themselves whether silence is followed by a dead person.

There is also a chest in the crime story of Magda Sorour from Renfield. Yours already exists, in the basement of Schloss Ahrensburg. I discovered them during a guided tour and incorporated them into the canvas. A killer spends the night in the castle after the crime, but then faces off with his cinematic head – or is the threat real?

The main cinema also plays an important role when reading. “A lot of things are created in the imagination,” says Mayer Seelbach. In order not to overburden the reader, there is a map in the book as a small guide.

According to Florian Cubas of CW Niemeyer Book Publishing, where the anthologies are published, the group’s strength lies in its “weirdness.” “It’s a fun experiment that can work really well,” Cubas says. There are obvious differences between old professionals and amateur authors, but the result is convincing with its difference and at the same time homogeneous quality, so it appeals to different tastes. “We were drawn to the fact that he was targeting the place. There are many crime novels in Hamburg, but only one book contains the crime novels of Arensburg.”

A unique selling proposition to the publisher for the first time as a crime writer and a heartthrob at the same time. “I’m glad I passed the project,” he says. “But it also takes a lot of luck to find the right authors and publisher who are willing to publish such an anthology.” He doesn’t have a favorite story. “I think they’re all great,” says Mayer Seelbach, who is already making new plans. His goal: a joint Stormarn reading tour with other “Ahrensmord” authors.

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