Ladder: Who was Michael Peterson’s first wife, Patricia Peterson?

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Michael Peterson married Patricia, also known as Patti. After nearly 30 years of marriage and two children, the couple called it quits. She stood by him during the controversial death of her friend Elizabeth Ratliff, and reportedly continued to support him after their divorce and Kathleen’s death. Patti also appeared in the 2004 French documentary HBO Max’s True Crime series stairs based on. At the time of her death in July 2021, her son Clayton stated that his parents were living together. Who is Michael’s first wife, Patty?

Colin Firth to star in “The Staircase” on HBO Max | Demetrius Kambouris / Getty Images

Patricia Peterson has been married to Michael Peterson for over 30 years

Patricia, also known as Patti Peterson, was born in Paris, Arkansas, to a military family and married Michael, who previously served in the Marine Corps, in 1966.

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