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Gilles Koig and the women of Neckarsulm fought hard against Oldenburg, thus surviving the difficult stages. Photo: Ralph Seidl Photography: Seidl, Ralph

Athletic Federation under your skin. At least for Gilles Koig. The eight goals the ring player contributed to Neckarsulm in the 39:37 (22:13) win against Oldenburg was not the most striking figure on Saturday. That was the 23rd. Kooij wore only the back of her shirt in three Bundesliga matches before bidding farewell to her home country of Holland at the end of this season. But Neckarsulm’s number will remain with her. forever. After the victory dance, the 26-year-old proudly presented the back of her right arm. She recently had 23 tattoos there. In appreciation of the three years he spent in the Sports Federation.

The match against Oldenburg was the most obvious, but it wasn’t the only sign that many of Neckarsulm’s players leaving the club soon wanted to continue the matter at hand. Because the two points against VfL, which are threatened with relegation, were ultimately a deliberate effort. When Neckarsulm’s apparent lead in the second half threatened to turn upside down in the second round, as in a cup duel between the two teams, the hosts fought in great fighting spirit, although not everything was together anymore. And she did not let leadership take him away.

The coach and the team are calling out to the fans

After important reparations, the women from Neckarsulm followed their actions with words. At the mid-ball coach’s official press conference, coach Tanya Logvin called the entire team to her spot. To present an advertisement to your fans. “Girls give everything and we need you for everything,” Logvin pleaded. His three most recent defeats at Neckarsulm – particularly the embarrassing defeats at Halle-Neustadt – have made an impact. Negatives. Only 668 spectators were in the hall. The drums of the most loyal fans remained silent as a toneless signal. The usual “blue wall” logo was also missing. But in the end, everyone seemed to be reconciled.

Gilles Koig emphasized that “the whole team wants to finish the season well. I want to do my best for the last few weeks, giving everything I have. This is very important to me.” And that seems to be of great importance to the rest of the team in the fencing with Oldenburg. Neckarsulm put a full effort into a 5:1 agile defense from the start. It didn’t help much that VfL kept attacking with a seventh field player. After 19 minutes and two guest time-outs, Sport-Union was already in front with a ratio of 13:5 and barely allowed Oldenburg to enter the game until a 22:13 lead in the break. At 73 percent, the incidence rate improved significantly.

In the second half, SUN slowed down a bit in defense

However, in the second round, VfL’s attack became more evident. “The first half was very interesting, but in the second half we were a little weak in defense. But luckily we won this time,” said Neckarsulm captain Lynn Kneppenburg. At Oldenburg 29:32 (min 48), Sport-Union’s win after 0:4 looked as shaken as in a cup. But this time Sport-Union had the correct answer ready with a sprint to pre-clinical 35:30 (51m). And with Daphne Gucci, a player on the team who made the difference time and time again with her breakthroughs. “Actually, the cup was not on our minds. We knew it was going to be difficult to the end and we fought to the end,” Gilles Koig said.

For Premier League coach Nils Botel, “the second half was basically exactly the same as in the cup.” With one crucial difference: “Nekarsholm underestimated it confidently.” The fighting spirit of Neckarsulm got under your skin. Not just with Gilles Koig.

SU Neckarsulm: Gois, Wachter – Nooitmeer (1), man, Hendrikse (4), Knippenborg (3/3), Gautschi (7), Stockschläder (10), Espinola Perez (5), Kooij (8), Kretzschmar (1 )), Moser.

Best VfL shooters: Pichlmeier (8/1), Carstensen (9/5). Penalties: SUN 3/3, VfL 6/7. Penalties: 4/2. Viewers: 668.

endurance runner

Joanna Stockschlader is the only artist on the left wing of Neckarsulm since Selena Kalmbach’s injury. Long-distance runner Neckarsulm offers the best entertainment. Against Oldenburg she was the tournament’s top scorer with ten goals. That’s an infection rate of more than 83 percent. Stockschläder does not appear to be slowing down with the decision to leave Thüringer HC. exactly the contrary. Even against Buxtehude (6 goals), the brilliant winger was the most accurate Neckarsulmer in the team. document

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