Eurovision Song Contest: Here’s What You Should Know About This Year’s Contest

Eurovision Song Contest
Here’s what you need to know about this year’s competition

The ESC stage in Turin is inspired by Italian gardens.

© EBU / Atelier Montinaro

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Turin this year. What else can be known about this year’s competition?

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held for the 66th time in 2022. This year’s theme of the competition is “The Voice of Beauty”. Since Italian rock band Måneskin won last year with their song “Zitti e buoni”, ESC 2022 will be held in Italy from May 10-14.

When and where will the semi-finals and finals be held?

The first semi-final match will take place on May 10 at 9 pm, and the second on May 12 at the same time. The Grand Final, in which Germany will also compete, begins on Saturday 14 May at 9pm. All performances are held in Turin at the PalaOlimpico. After 1965 and 1991, Italy hosts the Economic and Social Council for the third time. The competition will be moderated by singer Laura Bossini (47), moderator Alessandro Cattelan (41) and singer Mica (38).

Who is in the final?

Who advances to the final will be decided in the semi-finals. The host country and the Big Five are automatically accepted into the final match. With Italy being one of the Big Five, which also includes Germany, France, Great Britain and Spain, only five instead of six have already qualified for the final this year. The Big Five are the countries that account for the largest share of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) budget.

Who represents Germany?

In the German preliminary round, “Germany 12 Points” won by Malik Harris (24) with his song “Rockstars” at the beginning of March. He will represent Germany at ESC in Turin. The title is about the good old days. Harris wants to remind people that it’s worth living in the here and now “and not in the past, because the ‘good old days’ will never end,” he explained in an interview with Spot on news. The 24-year-old is from Landsberg am Lech in Upper Bavaria, and his father is broker Ricky Harris (59).

How is the logo executed?

The slogan “Voice of Beauty” was chosen for this year’s Economic and Social Center in Turin. According to the official website “”, cymatics were used to visually represent the “sound of beauty”. Thus sounds and sound waves are depicted in symmetrical structures and patterns reminiscent of mandalas. Symmetry and geometry will also find their way into the design of the stage, based on typical Italian gardens. The logo font is inspired by a 1920s Italian poster design.

Russia is not allowed to participate

The European Broadcasting Union banned Russia from membership in the Economic and Social Council after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. On February 25, the European Broadcasting Union said in a statement that “no Russian work will participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.” This means that only 40 songs are in play this year.

How does voting work?

The vote consists of a 50:50 vote by a professional jury and a television set. Viewers can vote by phone, SMS or the official app. One of the most important rules here: You cannot vote for your country. Each country has its own national expert jury.

Points are calculated from the jury and television results according to the well-known system: the best-ranked song gets twelve points, followed by ten and eight to one.

The results of the jury are then announced by the national speakers with the famous sentence “12 points go to…”. In the meantime, TV scores are collected, verified and finally added after the jury score, starting at the bottom. The country that ends up at the top of the scoreboard wins the ESC title.


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