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Several series compete for the attention of the public. These three media libraries in ARD, Arte, and ZDF have an unusual setup.

by Melanie von Bismarck

A retired literature professor searches for an assassin in Harry Wild, a billionaire who wants to please the people in The Gamblers and a grotesque attempt at redemption in Let’s Stalk About Ex. These 3 series will make you laugh but also touch your heart.

Harry Wilde: Retired in Dublin

In fact, literature professor Harriet wants to retire.

“What are you going to do with yourself when you retire – I don’t know. Doing things I never had time for before.
Finally clean the attic. little gardening
Dialogue from “Harry Wilde”

But things are different. Harriet, better known as Harry, interferes uninvited in her son’s detective work. He’s an inspector, and when Harry happens to be browsing through the files in his new case, something really catches the retiree’s attention: the whole event is strikingly similar to a play from the time of Shakespeare. As the son defends himself with a molar and a nail against his mother’s interference, Harry continues to investigate on his own, with the help of young thief Fergus. For eight episodes, the unexpected duo cleverly and swiftly investigates the entertaining Irish-British series. “Harry Wild – Murder Hunt in Dublin” is available for a year at ZDF Media Library.

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“Harry Wild – Murder Hunt in Dublin” series will be available externally in the ARD media library at least until April 2022

“The Gamblers” – a dreamy mini-series in the ARD media library

Sami wrote on his wish list: “Dear Santa Claus, you can’t even come. Mom and Dad don’t always have to argue.” He travels by balloon and lands in the garden of billionaire Herzinger. After four failed marriages, he lives alone with his butler in a large house. Now he wants to do good to others. The initial idea of ​​the mini-series “The Gamblers” sounds like a fairy tale, and continues as a modern fairy tale. Through Sami’s wish list, Herzinger meets three couples, and makes them a strange proposal.

“If you try to be happier for a year, which is certainly associated with costs, there is an expense allowance for each of you.”
“Have I got it right: Do you pay us if we become happier?”
“No, I reward you for trying. It is enough to make an effort.”
Dialogue from the movie The Gamblers

Million nodding each couple. Despite all the doubts, everyone accepts the offer. The slightly dreamy “The Gamblers” mini-series doesn’t have any magic potion up her sleeve. Street cleaner, lawyer, behaviorally disturbed mathematician, musician – the series lays out their fears and fears, shortcomings and self-deception in a humorous and thoughtful way in a forgiving, unjudgmental light. All episodes are available in the ARD media library until the end of October.

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Herzinger explains his offer to confused couples.  © BR / die film gmbh / Hendrik Heide

“Die Glückspieler” series is available in ARD external media library until at least October 27

“Let’s chase the former” – Arte Mediathek’s entertaining web series

The funny French web series “Let’s stalk about Ex” tells in ten-minute episodes about young Bertrand, who mourns the loss of his ex-girlfriend Magalie in the times of Facebook, Tinder and Skype. Bertrand becomes an unwitting adventurer when Magali expels him and just happens to end up with his neighbor Gus. Gus has a special hobby: he hacked all the security cameras and webcams in the house. “Just being on the safe side. In case something happens to someone. It’s an occupational disease. I’m in the military.”

And Magalie’s webcam eavesdrops on Gus: “You must be a silly pervert to do something like this. Do you think you can spy on my girlfriend just like that?” Bertrand’s excitement did not last long as he quickly realized that the camera gave him a strategic advantage in getting his girlfriend back.

“What are you doing there?”
“She smokes.”
But Magali does not smoke at all.
Yes, for two years.
Dialogue from “Let’s Stalk About Ex”

The tide turns in season two. Bertrand already has a new girlfriend, and now it’s Magali’s turn. The first two seasons of “Let’s stalk about Ex” will be at Arte Media Library through 2024.

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There will be two seasons of “Let’s stalk about ex” at Arte Media Library until at least 2024. External

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Katharina Sheel and Lucas Stratman accompanied Kevin Konert for three years in his work as head of Jusos for the series. more

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