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Berlin (dpa) – The return couldn’t be one size smaller. In the first concert after many years of the pandemic and a long time with new songs in the studio for two albums, the Berlin band Die Ärzte returned to the stage.

Before the grand stadium tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we first go to the very small shops of the capital. Only 120 fans can attend the launch of the MMXXII Berlin Tour. They show that zest doesn’t need a lot of space.

Dancing the pogo in the smallest spaces

Saturday Night at the Chocodin Club is also a return to the roots of four decades of orchestra history. The building in the center of Berlin housed a chocolate factory for a long time, followed by vacancy, occupancy as a residential and cultural project, and long disputes. The project has been secured as an alternative cultural site for ten years. The rapid rise of Die Ärzte began in such stores.

The fans are in a good mood, and so are the doctors. The square area of ​​the stage is nearly two digits, after less than ten meters the last row of the audience is reached. In between, each piece proves the hardest for drummer Bela B (59), guitarist Farin Urlaub (58) and bassist Rodrigo González (53): pogo dancing is also possible in the smallest of spaces – loud, fast, and difficult to make physical contact.

Finally back on stage

The “noise” is already there at the beginning of the two-and-a-half-hour concert. In the chorus of the new doctor’s song, the English word for noise, noise, or noise also sounds like: “It’s time for something new.” Like the mega hit “Schrei nach Liebe,” the song has a special place in the band’s work: a joint ballad by Bela B and Farin Urlaub, the two songs composed years after the band’s crisis.

“Blessing of the house was a bit quirky in the band, and now she’s getting straighter again,” Orlaub told fans. Unlike the first breakup, the band stayed together this time and is now back on stage. Last year, the group, best known for its punk rock, had to postpone and completely cancel a tour that ran out due to Corona.

The three musicians brought nearly thirty songs with them for their comeback. “We came up with a few old hit songs, I’ve grown up too,” Bela B says. From the 1980s, for example, “Little Beloved” or “As on the first day” were included. Fans have also proven far-reaching script security with later hits like “Himmelblau”, “Junge” or “Unrockbar”.

For Farin Urlaub, it feels like ‘as if we’ve been training’. “We trained for the first time for three weeks,” claims Bela B. The dialogues on the stage between the musicians, which repeatedly reached the point of nonsense, are considered to be the specifics of the style of the band’s concerts. There is a lot of improvisation, cheating and asking questions. “Which key? In E now?”.

Again and again there are short musical quotes. Birkin and Ginsburg’s “Je t’aime … moi non plus” plays a brief role this evening, as does Mafi’s “Und es war Sommer” or Rammstein’s “Du hast.”

It’s about supporting the scene

The self-proclaimed “best band in the world” leaves plenty of room for material from the latest albums “Hell” and “Dunkel,” both of which were created during the Corona period and both ended up at number one in the charts. ‘Power’, ‘Stupid’, ‘Scream’, ‘Dark’, ‘Plan B’ and ‘Me, on the Beach’ are celebrated. In “Achtung: Bielefeld,” a critique of hip boredom and overindulgence, Bela B utters the important sentence “But I think the mother in Aleppo would also like to be bored” of Kyiv as a place of horror. Applause scene.

The first 13 concerts in small clubs, halls and open stages is not just a preconceived notion of a stadium tour. For Die Ärzte, it’s also about supporting the scene in which the band grew up and is still celebrated. Not all blockbusters over the years fit into the evening’s programme. In front of “Chocolate,” a fan draws a personal budget from the concert: “No ‘Westerland’, no ‘Too late,’ no ‘Cry for love’—damn, it was cool.”

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