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Edmund Telgenkamper returned to the Munich Camerspiel for two years after his participation in the Zurich Schauspielhaus. Rehearsals for Wolfram Lutz’s play “Bible 1” are currently an acting challenge for him. For the visionary author (“The Politicians”), who since his “discourse on the impossible stage” has repeatedly broken all theater traditions with anarchic lust, has now presented his most extreme text to date, which Falck Richter now introduces to the stage as a cabin theatrical installation.

Monday: Strange Life Experience

Final rehearsals at Therese-Giehse-Halle on “Bible 1”. A diary of perhaps 3,000 pages in its original form, written by the author for a year in a village in Alsace in a kind of voluntary exile. A year of solitude to free oneself from a personal crisis, to find a new approach to reality. A kind of soliloquy with the window open, notes about life, writing, and the present. About 900 pages of it have been published. If all goes well, we’ll take the audience straight to Wolfram Lutz’s head with a stage show. Unfortunately, there is often not enough time in the morning for a hearty breakfast. I hope there is a poppy seed roll at my favorite Neulinger bakery in Haidhausen. Next, I rode my Maxmonument through the Isar to the stage in almost any weather. I love this bike path because it takes me through many of my favorite places in Munich every day, like Wiener Platz, or the fish ladder and waterfall in Maximiliansbrücke.

Tuesday: Abyssal Assembly

An Evening Against Bourgeois Illusions, Lies, and Slow Compromise: A scene from Kammerspiele’s Leap from the Ivory Tower.

(Photo: Emma Szabo)

Rehearsal in the morning, in the evening there is a performance of “Leap from the Ivory Tower” by Pinar Karabulut, with texts by Gisela Elsner, who committed suicide in Munich in 1992, and who was deeply affected by the collapse of the GDR. . In my opinion, a great group evening, crazy and sprawling, with scripts by a sinister, brutal author, but also very funny at the same time. If my loved ones are watching, we will either meet at the Blue House of the Kammerspiele or go to the “Brenner” by the Opera, where you can also eat late. Alternatively, we can have a cocktail at the Golden Bar at Haus der Kunst, where you can sit not only inside, but also outside, depending on the weather. Not without watching the surfers on the Isbach wave for some time, who still surf here even at night.

Wednesday: In the countryside of the city

Celebrity Tips for Munich and the Region: It looks like an idyllic village, but it's in the center of Heidhausen: Kriechbaumhof is an alpine farm-style building on Preysingstrasse.

It looks like an idyllic village, but it’s in the middle of Haidhausen: Kriechbaumhof is an alpine farm-style building on Preysingstrasse.

(Photo: Lucas Barth/

First major rehearsal. The time of exercise and the time we train may vary, but there will definitely be time for lunch. If you do not cook at home, you can go to the restaurant “Zum Kloster” instead of the canteen for a snack, also in Haidhausen. You can also sit outside very nicely. At this altitude, Preysingstrasse always reminds me of a trip into the countryside with its tiny houses like Üblacker Häusl or the big wooden Kriechbaumhof. If we have an afternoon or evening break, I may venture to swim for the first time in Schyrenbad. At least it’s season again. This is my favorite outdoor pool in Munich because it has perfect walkways and is in a very nice location. Near the corner I visit the rose garden, for me one of the most beautiful gardens in Munich, which comforted me in all emotional and life situations. Or further from the banks of the Isar, the better in the south. He became a different person in the water and in the water. A beer garden would be perfect. One of my favorites, because it is so relaxing and has a very mixed crowd, is the Flaucher, or there is an equally beautiful beer garden at Wiener Platz.

Thursday: Following treatment

Celebrity tips for Munich and the region: A series with addictive potential: In the new second season of

A series with addictive potential: In the new second season of “In Therapy,” which is set shortly after the end of the first Corona lockdown, Dr. Diane (Frederic Piero) are new patients whose tongues slowly fade from the pandemic chaos.

(Photo: Les Films du Poisson)

The second major rehearsal. In the evening I often need some time to calm down. At home also with a chain. Unfortunately, I am a chain addict. I am currently watching the second season of “En thérapie” at Arte Media Library. While the first season dealt with terrorist attacks in 2015, among other things, it is based in Paris after the first lockdown of Corona. The healer looks into the soul of his clients and himself, highly recommended. But of course I can read too. For example, “Die Mühle” by my former student and fellow Munich actress, Rina Dumont, which has just been published, is right above my book table.

Friday: coffee oases

Celebrity tips for Munich and the region: Holiday flair in the city center: lots of details in

Downtown Vacation Style: Bar Centrale’s many details help make you feel like you’re in Italy.

(Photo: Stefan Rampf)

Experimental clothes. If there is a longer break that day, I can go for a quick coffee in town. I like the very, very cool Italian bar Centrale near the stage, or go to the Viktualienmarkt. The Munich coffee roaster has great coffee that I like to drink in the square behind the roastery with its small fountain and cool stalls. Especially during the first shutdown, this place has always been an oasis in closed Munich for me.

Saturday: Stroll before the premiere

Celebrity tips for Munich and the region: Popular pedestrian bridge: The cable bridge connects Maxanlagen with Lukaskirche.

Popular pedestrian bridge: The cable bridge connects Maxanlagen with Lukaskirche.

(Photo: Rainer E. Konert)

the first show. The day is usually free until evening. I am not able to do much there, but the walk is fine, eg to my favorite places in Maximiliansanlagen, along Mauersteg to Kabelsteg, again after Preysinger Fruchthalle Zervas, where I like to shop and chat. Then maybe wander the neighborhood with a stop at one of the beautiful squares in the French Quarter. Grab a cup of coffee at Fortuna’s or L’Angolino’s to eat, and then take home again.

Sunday: Look into the distance

Celebrity tips for Munich and the region: It's easy to get there with the Bavarian Regiobahn BRB: Lake Tegernsee is always worth a visit.

It’s easy to get there with the Bavarian Regiobahn BRB: Lake Tegernsee is always worth a visit.

(Photo: Sven Hoepe / dpa)

It’s time to rest. And just be special. For example, they traveled together to Lake Tegernsee, because it is very uncomplicated from Munich with the Bavarian Regiobahn BRB. Finally in nature. Nothing is more healing for me in times like these. I come from the village. Here I realize how much I miss the country from time to time. Look in the distance. And today, for a change, there is no theater nearby.

Edmund Telgenkamper was born in Gladbeck. After studying acting at the Hannover University of Music and Dramatic Art, he became involved with the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg and then moved to the Basel Theater and the Burgtheater in Vienna and then returned to Basel. From 2006 to 2015 he was a member of the band in the Munich Kammerspiele. Here he last worked with Susan Kennedy, Andreas Krejenberg and Johann Simmons, among others, but then left Munich to participate in Zurich for several years. For two years now he has returned to the Kammerspiele Band. In addition to the stage, Telgenkämper also works in front of the camera and as a radio and television speaker.

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