Maimarkt 2022 in Wissen: Something is already happening in Siegstadt

Message from 08.05.2022

Written by Catherine Behner

As early as 11 a.m. on Mother’s Day (May 8), several guests gathered at Wissen’s regional train station for the May Market opening party in Weissensee. Dance performances by DJK Wissens-Selbach ensured a successful start to the hustle and bustle with many stands and shops open for business and pleasure for young and old.

Many guests were drawn to the May Market in May 2022. There, among others, wheel artists from DJK Wissen-Selbach were excited. Kim was happy to show off her skills with her competitors. (Photos: kathapi)

Knowledge. There was already a lot going on in Siegstadt-Wissen before midday, when the May Market officially opened in May. We are pleased that the market was able to re-emerge for the first time since 2019. “After Corona, we want to focus on entertainment and the program again,” Mitchhilde Yutenauer from the rural women’s association Fresh Wind (Mittelhof-Katzwinkel knowledge area) joins Thomas Kellschbach , Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Wissensen Advertising Association for the Meeting Point. A warm welcome was given to all the guests, especially the young ones.

According to Kelsbach, Maimarkt is full of many attractions, especially for children, who have suffered especially during the epidemic. He thanked lead organizer Britta Bay (Second Chair of the meeting point) and her organizing team for the great readiness, as well as Mayor of Bernau Neuhof and Matthias Reuber, Member of State Parliament, for their support. The mayor responded with words of thanks to the organization’s meeting point. It was he who got the first big round of applause that day when he congratulated all mothers on Mother’s Day. He is especially pleased that the Maimarkt can finally be done again after a long break and that on Rathausstrasse, which has already been partially completed. At the same time, he recalled the end of the war 77 years ago and looked at the difficult situation in Ukraine. Many displaced people can find protection in knowledge.

From dances, colorful stands, open shops and music
Then things really started with the colorful program of dance groups from DJK Wissens-Selbach. Five-year-old Mia-Julie Weber from the group Dancing Angels started a dance show, and other dance and gymnastics groups in various age groups were excited. They displayed their skills at various times throughout the day and astounded the audience.

The numerous market stalls, for example jewellery, clothing, household goods and spices, have attracted visitors. Retail opened at 12 noon this year and from the start the stores were full, some offering special deals. A Wisserland Touristik information point has also opened at the regional train station, as well as a retail knowledge store. Here, guests can learn more about hiking and biking tours in beautiful Westerland and beyond, or about e-bike rentals.

In addition to the Rhnrad artists from DJK Wissens-Selbach, who performed twice during the May market, the band “Soulmatic” from the “Wissener” district provided entertainment with live music in the square in front of the former post office. Many kids enjoyed themselves with soft ice cream, popcorn, bouncy castle and bouncy pillow, as well as on the carousel stroller.

An exchange of flowers was given in the Rural Women’s Pavilion. The members had dug into their gardens and restored them so that they could be sold for “cheap money”. According to Michael Eutiner, the money should benefit well-informed Ukrainian aid. In addition to coffee and cake, which were obligatory in their suite, a variety of aromas also attracted guests to other stalls, such as fish, pizza, Turkish delicacies and many more. (Cathepi)

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