First World Cup away from Hawaii: Blumenfelt ends German Ironman dominance

Christian Blumenfeldt ended the era of the German men’s Ironman, and Anne Haug’s mileage was no longer enough to win again. Despite her valiant performance, Hughes was unable to defend her title in the world catch-up distance of 3.86 km in swimming, 180.2 km by bicycle and 42.2 km in St. George’s on Saturday. “It was very difficult,” Hogg said. “He was dying in installments.”

Swiss triathlete Daniela Reeve finally celebrated her sovereign victory and was crowned for the fifth time. Second was Kat Matthews of Great Britain, then Hauge finished the fastest marathon time in the women’s field. “You have no sign of victory,” Hogg confirmed, completely exhausted in the end zone.

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Blumenfelt had written the next chapter of his great success story there a few minutes earlier. The 28-year-old Norwegian became the Olympic champion in Tokyo last year, winning the world short-distance title and setting a world record on his debut for the Ironman. In St. George, the 2021 World Cup officially, Blumenfelt confirmed his first class in a poor professional field, among others without multi-world champion Jan Frodino after a partial rupture of his Achilles tendon and Patrick Lange after a shoulder injury.

Lionel Sanders of Canada finished second in the inaugural world championships not held in Hawaii, ahead of Braden Currie of New Zealand. As the best German, Florian Angert of Wenheim came in solid fifth at his World Cup premiere. “I’ve never been happy to see the target,” Ungert said on Heischer Rundfunk’s radio broadcast. Former world champion Sebastian Kenley, who ushered in Germany’s era of World Cup success with his win in 2014, had to finish 14th. Frodino won in 2015, 2016 and 2019, and Lange won in 2017 and 2018.

Andreas Dritz crashes into a motorcycle

Boris Stein was 17th in St. George’s, and as for Andreas Dritz, the race ended prematurely and painfully. The Lichtenfels native was hit by a motorcycle that “suddenly” stopped, as he described it, on a narrow road with no alternative. The 33-year-old also sustained a lumbar injury as a result of the collision, he wrote Sunday evening on social media. The front fork on his bike broke.

In 2019, more than 900 days ago, Anne Haug also crowned the Ironman World Championship. When a miniature gunner sent 40 professional men into the waters of the Sand Hollow Park Reservoir Reservoir at 6:15 a.m. local time on Saturday, they still had five more minutes left. The water was about 16 to 18 degrees cold, unlike Hawaii in the warm Pacific Ocean, everyone was wearing warm neoprene suits. Hauge, who started her hard day working with 20 professional ladies, wore a neoprene cap under her red shower cap with the F1 inscription.

In 2019, Anne Haug won the title in Hawaii, this time being third.Photo: David Pintens/BELGA/dpa

In the nearly four-kilometre swim, no Ironman won, but lost, as they say. So for Angert, who is considered the strongest swimmer of the four German professional men, and for Hogg, who only has her strength at the end of the day when she’s running, it was a matter of either joining directly into the leading group or on the hunt. package, which is sturdy on the wheel. Angert, who got out of the water in fifth and rode his blue metal bike, and Hauge, who was able to keep Reeve among others in the chase group, worked out the problem.

Things went even worse for Kenley, who was about four and a half minutes slower than Angert. When he switched to the bike, he couldn’t get his racing suit on properly at first, as the helmet buckle creaked. Riding a new, very high-tech bike, Blumenfelt was chasing and leading his race first. His time will come.

Cycling at an altitude of two and a half thousand meters

Like Anne Hoag? After struggling to shove the wet neoprene suit onto her ankles, she had to let the stalking group drift with Reeve while the bike was advancing, and for a while backtracked kilometer after kilometer alone. Another mental burden. No eye for the sometimes impressive landscape in the bright sunlight and huge red valleys.

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Roughly two and a half thousand meters of elevation, always up and down, the bike cycle had little to do with that of Hawaii. Kienle was more than seven minutes behind the leaderboard by nearly 30 kilometers to cut before turning into the running shoes. A place on the podium like 3rd in Hawaii in 2019 – away.

Just like first place for Anne Haug. She was more than a quarter of an hour late when she turned to the running track in Reef. “Ann is not going to work tactically,” coach Lorang announced. Logo: All in! “She doesn’t want to take it easy.” And so Hogg attacked, and made up minute by minute, while Angert missed his own packet of food, which had to be digested first and then had to be fought hard in the end: “He had only cramps for the last five kilometres.” (dpa)

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