ARD Media Library: More Sports, Documentaries, Movies and Series Announced for June

In June, there will be new documentaries, movies and series in ARD’s media library in addition to current sporting events. Here is an overview.

How to be a dad (ARD Degeto)

  • Comedy Series (6 x 25 minutes)

Being a father is a learning process for which there is no magic formula. The diverse quartet of “How to Dad” must contend with contradictory approaches. Parents who couldn’t be more different meet in the ballet studio antechamber: influencer Adonis-like Roman (Helge Schmid), stay-at-home dad Bertie (Patrick Goldenberg), masculine old-school man Sami (Ugur) Kaya) and smart CEO on vacation. Full-time Alexander (Vladimir Burlakov). The four of them have one thing in common: everyone is terrified before the father-and-child dance, proclaimed by difficult ballet teacher Teresa (Nikita Thompson) in the first lesson. Once a week, while parents wait for their children in the waiting room, an unusual discussion group develops. When it comes to questions about the right school, the love life of parents or how to deal with childhood illnesses, not only opens the differences, but the abyss as well. And just before the show, an unexpected ambition of parents suddenly awakens …

Popcult JAPAN (MDR)

  • Documentation (45 minutes)

The manga market is booming. In 2021 alone, sales in Germany increased by nearly 80 percent. Bestsellers like “One Piece” are sold all over the world like the Bible or Harry Potter. Publishers, streaming portals, game industry – all earn from the cult of heroic stories from Japan. A number of famous cosplayers and animators on YouTube reach millions of people online. But how can comics from a small country in the Far East become a global cultural event? Popcult JAPAN tells the story of this phenomenon – from the rise of the anime and manga wave in the late ’90s to the otaku community. The film travels to the Tokyo Akihabara technology district in Japan, where famous characters and characters are created. It showcases the system behind a highly productive image machine where a series of heroes are produced like an assembly line and asks manga stars like Hirohiko Araki about the magic of these stories.

Rock am Ring – Back to Life (SWR)

  • Documentary Series (3 x 20 minutes)
  • From 4, 5 and 6 June 2022 | EXCLUSIVELY IN THE ARD MEDIA LIBRARY

Rock am Ring is back! Finally the big events again, and finally the celebrations again. The dry period for the whole region lives from the Nürburgring and its events, for the organizers, the musicians and above all for the fans is over. The 3-part documentary series captures this feeling and takes the viewer into this waking world. Will the cult festival be the same as it was before the pandemic or will everything be completely different? The focus is not on the band’s performance, but on the stories surrounding them, behind-the-scenes looks and exciting and intimate insights into the fan scene. Our fan reporters are in the middle, showcasing the highlights, getting behind the scenes with the bands and telling the most exciting and whimsical stories.
“Rock am Ring – back to life” will be produced exclusively by ARD Mediathek on festival weekends.

Under Narcos – The Power of Cartels (SWR)

  • Documentary Series (3 x 30 minutes)

The blood of drug dealers extends throughout Latin America to the United States. The consumers are located in the USA. The drug is grown, produced and smuggled in Latin America. Billion dollar business. It leads to battles on the ground between gangs and cartels. People’s lives don’t count much. It leads to a culture of corruption in which policemen, judges and politicians work with cartels. Everyone earns money from bloody business, because gang weapons, for example, mostly come from the United States. Xenia Böttcher Tracing the course of drugs and narcotics. She meets drug couriers, murderers and their lovers, but also members of the military on the other side in a war of drugs, power and influence.

ARD media library: The current May news can be found here.

Oscar – Left Rebel (SR)

  • Documentary Series (3 x 30 minutes)
  • From 14 June 2022 | Online first in ARD . Media Library
  • Line broadcast: July 10, 17 and 24, 2022 | 6:15 PM | SR . TV

The mini-series highlights the extraordinary career of former SPD candidate and later left-wing politician Oscar Lafontaine. Who is the man who plunged German Social Democracy into a deep crisis by withdrawing from the Schroeder government and from the leadership of the SPD? Dubbed “the most dangerous man in Europe”, he is considered the greatest political talent of his generation. At the end of Oscar Lafontaine’s Political Path, the three-part series reviews his career and shows how it has influenced Germany’s political landscape to this day.

Jugendland, Season 2 (NDR)

  • Documentary Series (6 x 20 minutes)

Instead of opportunities, Renee has plans. Always new. And for every plan there is a hook stuck in your head: about jobs, about making money, about drugs, about friendship and what good love is. Anyway, Renee always knows what’s right and what’s wrong. He should, because he’s one of the strangers where he lives. And in Uetze – as elsewhere – nothing is given to them.
The miniseries tells about those who are left in the village because they did not move to the city for a job or vocational training, the struggle for recognition, far from the charm of the big city.

Marteria X Finals (rbb/WDR)

  • Sports Documentary (45 minutes)

In this film, rapper Marteria meets several athletes participating in the finals in Berlin. He immerses himself in their world and has to establish himself in their specialties. He meets, among others, Andreas Tuba (gymnastics), Eileen Roessler (trampoline), Nina Reichenbach (on trial) and Matthias Szabo (fencing). The Marteria X Files are based on stunning visuals, powerful heroes and a captivating story and lead to a clearly defined climax.

The Recycling Lie (WDR)

  • Investigative Documentary (75 minutes)
  • From 16 June 2022 | Online first in ARD . Media Library
  • Line broadcast: June 20, 2022 | 10:50 PM | the first

In recent years, the plastic crisis has worsened. Pictures of dead animals and polluted oceans are spreading around the world. The packaging industry thinks it has a solution to the problem: recycling. The phrase “100% recyclable” is being printed on more and more bottles and bags. But if recycling is really the answer, why is more virgin plastic being produced today than ever before? Could Recycling Really Be More Than ‘Green Wash’?
This film takes a closer look at the waste disposal industry and asks the question: Who is benefiting from the plastic crisis? The authors track garbage brokers who illegally dump plastic waste abroad, industries that make money from incinerating rubbish, and mafia networks that now make as much money from smuggling rubbish as they do from human trafficking.
Recycling Lie is the winner of the 9th ARD Documentary Competition 2020.

The Quest for Dagobert – From Criminal to Folk Hero (RBB)

  • Documentary Series (3 x 30 minutes)
  • In June 2022 | Online first in ARD . Media Library
  • Line broadcast: June 2022 | First (45 minutes)

In June 1992, 30 years ago, one of the longest-running and most dramatic cases of extortion in German criminal history began: the “genius” supermarket racketeering rally of Dagobert. On June 13, 1992, a pipe bomb exploded in a department store in Hamburg. The racketeer, who calls himself Dagobert, demands a million German marks – based on a very rich cartoon. Dagobert tries to deceive the police with clever cash deliveries. Six bomb attacks and about 30 failed money transfers can be attributed to him. The cat-and-mouse game with the police lasted for two years – accompanied by the media and praised by many. Dagobert becomes a folk hero. The film tells the story of “Duck Hunting”.

Finals (WDR)

  • Sports
  • 23-26 June 2022 | In ARD . media library
  • Line broadcast: June 23 | 2:10 PM and June 25, 2022 | 10:00 am | the first

From June 23 to 26, the best German athletes meet in Berlin: in the finals, national championships in 14 different sports. This includes athletics, swimming, trials, shooting, gymnastics, triathlon, rowing, rowing and fencing. On Thursday and Saturday, Das Erste and ARD Mediathek will broadcast about 15 hours of this prominent sporting event live. Meanwhile, there are exclusive live shows on three different channels in ARD’s media library, as well as daily highlights and summaries.

Live and kick (SWR)

  • Series (7 x 25 minutes)
  • From 24 June 2022 | In ARD . media library
  • Line broadcast: June 23, 2022 | 1:15 pm | SWR . TV

Four teenagers, Mickey (Alvaro Requina), Jerry (Marco Sanz), Samuel (Aitor Valades) and Guada (Sarah Manzano) have to deal with major challenges due to psychological problems. Despite their illnesses, they live the same desires and dreams as any normal teenager. At some point, they got tired of their stay in a psychiatric hospital and ran away. They embark on a wild and adventurous journey across Europe in search of their place in life. Meanwhile, private investigator Izan (Mickey Esparby), who works at the clinic, hunts down fugitive patients.

Being Jan Ulrich (SR/NDR)

  • Series/Portrait (4 x 25 min)
  • From 25 June 2022 | Online first in ARD . Media Library
  • Line broadcast: July 2, 2022 | 6:50 PM | the first

July 1997 – 25 years ago: Jan Ulrich wins the Tour de France. This victory made him an overnight superstar. Sports fans unanimously agreed that Ulrich would win the Tour multiple times. But this will not happen again. The cycling talent of the century is so undisciplined, the American Lance Armstrong was an opponent, a participant in the doping circuit, had to resign and became increasingly stuck in a downward spiral. The four-part series traces Ulrich’s life, in conversation with contemporaries and rivals such as Lance Armstrong and with recourse to a well-diversified archive.

Time of Crime: Life Imprisonment (SWR/NDR)

  • Documentary Series (3 x 30 minutes)

Is Klaus Broenig a murderer? Was he the one who brutally murdered Maines pediatrician Margot Geimer and her daughter Dorothy in April 1970? This question has preoccupied lawyers for decades. Klaus Brünig, now 78 and still in prison, has been struggling with his long-term rehabilitation. “I am not a murderer, I have not stabbed women.” He also confirmed it in court. But the judges at the Mainz District Court did not believe him, they thought he was guilty. Even then, in the summer of 1972, the verdict was controversial. The situational process caused quite a stir nationwide: there was no concrete evidence. Based on only three confessions, which Brünig retracted, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for double murder.
The documentary “The Case of Klaus Brünig” reopens the old case. What happened that night in April 1970? Did Munich criminal defense attorney Caroline Arnmann find investigative techniques that were overlooked at the time? Was Klaus Broenig in prison for 52 years?

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