Anne Weil: Konert, Bolins and Melnik talk about German weapons for Ukraine

Anne Will on live tape: Melnyk calls guest talk ‘moral negligent’ – counterattacks on the spot

On Sunday evening, Anne Weil discusses the issue of the delivery of German weapons to Ukraine. Guests include Kevin Kunert, Britta Haselman and Ukrainian Ambassador Andrej Melnik. Watch the ARD talk show debate here on the live tape from 10pm.

Guests at Anne Will

  • Kevin Kunert (SPD), General Secretary
  • Britta Haselmann (Green Party), Parliamentary Group Leader
  • Ruprecht Pollens (CDU), President of the German Society for Eastern European Studies
  • Andrey Melnik, Ambassador of Ukraine
  • Harald Welzer, social psychologist and violence researcher

Konert: “I felt very uncomfortable with this argument”

10:45 pm:
Kohnert goes on to say, “We must not forget the inner cohesion of our society.” In some places, there is a danger that we will capsize. For example, Kohnert mentions “heated debates” within families or circles of friends about whether they stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

10:42 PM:
Kevin Kunert says he felt “very uncomfortable” during this discussion. This is also not helpful for the reason. He says the heavy weapons debate is never easy to disentangle. It’s not like the minimum wage or the rental price brake, where you can say “yes” or “no.” It is not a matter of yes or no to heavy weapons.

Wilzer responds to Melnick’s attack: ‘It’s just stupid’

10:39 pm:
Wilzer responds to Melnick’s statement about “moral neglect”: “I often notice that they approach their interlocutors in this way.” Melnik is accused of not listening to the other person and commenting too much. People who opposed the supply of heavy weapons had historical backgrounds behind their opinions. The fact that Melnik is very aggressive is “narrow-minded”.

Melnyk sharply addresses the modern guest: “It’s easy for you in your professor’s room.”

10:37 PM:
Now, Ambassador Melnick, as he understood the letter, says: ‘What you present in your letter is a complete illusion. It is easy for you to sit in the professor’s room and philosophize. We have tried to come to a truce,’ says Melnick. ‘And because you have tried it once, you don’t have to do it anymore,’ says Melnick. Now?” Melnik replies that it would be a mistake not to win the war against Russia. “What you offer is, in our eyes, morally neglected.”

10:35 pm:
Wilzer explains that the letter aimed – and succeeded – in opening up a one-sided debate in Germany. Previously, only in the Federal Republic of Germany was the issue of delivery of heavy weapons discussed only. We want to show that there are other options.

Bolins: “There’s no middle ground where you meet in the middle”

10:33 PM:
The goal of the Ukraine war, Bolins explains, is to push Russia back behind the status quo from the start of the war. “This is a clear war objective.” One should not be left behind not to let Putin get his way.

10:30 pm:
CDU Polenz man refutes Wilzer’s thesis that nuclear power cannot lose a war. The United States (Vietnam) as well as Russia (Afghanistan) had lost or at least not won wars as nuclear powers. “Putin’s goal is to destroy Ukraine.” The Russian president wrote it himself. There is no possible compromise where you meet in the middle. “If we don’t want a nuclear power that constantly violates the international covenant by attacking nations, he can’t get away with that now.”

And visit the signer’s message: “You cannot defeat a nuclear power.”

10:27 PM:
The website Walzer says: “The dynamic of escalation raises questions about whether or not we will become a party to the war.” And that could mean slipping into a role that the chancellor has so far flatly rejected. We are dealing with a nuclear power, says Welzer, quoting Jürgen Habermas: “You cannot triumph over a nuclear power.” You are in trouble and there is no right or wrong way out of this dilemma.

10:25 pm:
Now it’s about the two open letters that caused quite a stir this week. The letter from Alice Schwarzer and studio guest Harald Welzer, among others, called on the government to seek a compromise in the Ukraine war and end the war as quickly as possible until it ends. Many critics accused the signatories of the declaration that they wanted to deny Ukraine the right to defend itself and that they were too close to Putin.

10:23 PM:
The debate is now about whether Shultz has made it clear enough that Ukraine should not lose this war.

Melnik: “We would have liked more details”

10:18 pm:
“Germany can only be defeated on May 8 because the United States and others helped,” Melnik said. He compares deliveries during World War II to those of today. “Seven howitzers, that’s all coming from Germany and shrugging his shoulders,” says Milink.

10:16 pm:
Ukrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik says: “Maybe we would have liked more details in the speech. We want to know how the historic decision to deliver heavy weapons is now being implemented.” The chancellor must do everything possible when he says that Russia must not win. Instead, there is no movement in the declared arms shipments.

Konert: ‘I find Schulz’s attempt remarkable and courageous’

10:14 pm:
“I find it remarkable and courageous that Schultz tries not to confuse the present and history in an unacceptable way,” Kohnert said. Putin did it.

10:12 PM:
Now it’s the turn of General Kevin Kunert of the SPD. Will asks, “Why would he make a speech like that if he didn’t say something new?” Kuehnert says Schulze has been repeatedly criticized for not communicating enough. Now, people don’t just want someone to connect when there’s something new. “The power of this discourse today is to reinforce one’s principles.”

Bolins: “Schultz now gathers his government behind him to continue his course”

10:10 pm:
On the other hand, the politician of the CDU, Ruprecht Bollins, supports the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. “Schultz is now gathering his government behind him to continue his career,” he said in the letter. The point, Bollins makes clear, is that Putin must not win this war. Putin should not take advantage of this.

Sociologist: ‘I found Schulze’s speech largely indifferent’

10:09 PM:
Sociologist Harald Welzer is one of the signatories of an open letter to the government calling for an end to arms deliveries to Ukraine.
“I found Schulz’s speech largely indifferent”
, says Welzer. It was not clear to him much new from the speech.

10:07 PM:
The main theme of Will’s presentation is whether more arms for Ukraine will lead to peace.

10:05 PM:
here we are. The strange time to start the program comes because of the special speech given by the Federal Chancellor. First, the moderator and her guests watch excerpts from the speech.

Chancellor Schultz speaks to the nation: Here you can see the entire speech

Ann Will: More weapons for Ukraine – is this the way to peace?

Germany supplies Ukraine with weapons – and this leads to a polarization in the country. On today’s ARD talk show, Anne Weil and her guests discuss the heated debate over the federal government’s delivery of weapons to Ukraine. Among others, Kevin Kuhnert (SPD), Britta Haselman (Greens), and Ukrainian Ambassador Andrej Melnik will be there. Tune in to the talk show here on the live tape from 10pm.

Talk show topic: Arms deliveries to Ukraine

In addition to the announced Gibbard tanks, the federal government now also wants to support Ukraine with seven self-propelled howitzers. But the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine polarizes the Germans: according to the current direction of the German ARD, almost half of them are in favor, and the other half are against it. In the past few days, two open letters with opposing viewpoints, signed by several celebrities, have sparked heated discussions on this question.

How will German support for Ukraine, also with heavy weapons, be evaluated? Is the fear of a third world war justified? How far can and should go solidarity with Ukraine? W: Is a Russian oil embargo a reasonable approach? What effect will this have?

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