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Jonas Hector fell to the ground in the middle circle, and this 1-0 defeat to Wolfsburg had hit him twice. But captain 1. FC Köln did not have much time to grieve. As the so-called carnival club’s fans approached left and right, they wanted to hug Hector and congratulate him on qualifying for an international competition next season. Hector was very emotional, and painstakingly made his way into the changing room, while thousands of fans stormed the field and for three-quarters of an hour only a hundred security guards and a thin rope could be hindered.

There were double-edged moments to be experienced at the Müngersdorfer Stadion. As understandable as the cheer of supporters after all the cases of abandonment of the Corona period, many of the gestures seemed very narcissistic, quite on the edge of self-portrait and thus very different from the mood prevailing downtown, which was already noisy at noon but peaceful despite all the enthusiasm.

Ironically, former Cologne player Yannick Gerhard scores for VFL Wolfsburg against Marvin Schwepp.

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The attack on the field was already evident in the final quarter of the hour, when news broke that Cologne’s pursuers Hoffenheim were on the verge of losing on home soil (against Leverkusen, of all places, Cologne’s opponent Schäl Sick, whom he often mocked). right bank of the Rhine). While the FC players attempted to prevent defeat on their home ground, Pyrrhus was set on fire at the south bend and stands were taken and against the fences.

Good joke: FC spokesperson threatens strikers with stadium bans before kick-off

The prayer-wheel-like reminders from the stadium announcer to the misty fans to turn away from lighting the fireworks, and after the final whistle there was no stopping: goal nets were cut, penalty points were blocked, goals were broken up, and goalkeeper Anthony Modeste was killed by fans wearing him. Briefly, as in 2017 – when FC finished fifth and in the European League, similarly unexpectedly. But then the French fled to the catacombs.

1. FC Köln: Little Mistakes: Cologne lovers are looking for souvenirs.

Small space mistakes: Cologne lovers are looking for souvenirs.

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Long before that, club officials had repeatedly threatened the attackers to ban them from the stadium, but who would stop 10,000 good fans from going to their sanctuary? Originally, the team was supposed to celebrate again after the final whistle, but after the preliminary match became already very lively, this element of the program was skipped. And she solemnly said: “You can go home. The team is definitely not going out, they are already preparing for the next match in Stuttgart.” At some point, it seems the fans didn’t care, they just celebrated themselves.

After a while, they came up with the idea of ​​trying to get Stephen Baumgart back on the field with cheers – but the Cologne coach “didn’t feel the celebration, not after the defeat”. Moreover, defeat was completely unnecessary because the odds were 6:1 in the end. “When I saw that Cologne had 34 crosses, I had to smile, because we had to win some vertical duels at the end,” said Wolfsburg coach Florian Kohfeldt.

In the end, it almost feels like a rugby brawl

Baumgart saw the reason for the score 0:1 in the first minutes, when FC failed in two big chances from reserve goalkeeper Pavao Pervan. Baumgart summed it up that “on the last day of the match, in a 4-1 draw in Augsburg, ‘we took our first chances – but not this time.’” On the other hand, Wolfsburg took advantage of the first and only chance in the end (in the 43rd minute, the former Cologne player scored Yannick Gerhard (Goal). In the end, Cologne surrounded the opponent’s penalty area, it looked less like football and more like a rugby match.

Baumgart, the man largely credited with the club’s revival, tears: “On the one hand, I’m angry at the defeat, but only because of the result, because when I look at the table I see myself grinning on the inside.” This contradiction fits with his feelings. Mixed on the first conclusion of the season: “It’s a bit difficult for me to feel excited about seventh place. On the other hand, I’m obviously happy that we’re playing in international qualifiers.” At least seventh at the end of the season, even the intrepid coach didn’t expect it, “I’m not a fortune-teller.” Otherwise, Jonas would have at least warned Hector of his fans.

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