With concerns about the youth: Rheinsdorf Motocross Racing starts the season

Waldheim / Reinsdorf. This past weekend in March, the deep sand track “Königshovener Höhe” for the MSC Grevenbroich in Rhein-Kreis Neuss was the scene of the inaugural race of the German Motocross Championship as well as the German Youth Motocross Championship 85 cc, where the youths from Reinsdorf were to shake off the winter frost.


“The kids have trained a lot with the ADAC support team in Italy, among other places, throughout the winter,” Viet Raudis previously explained. Four of his students are under the auspices of the ADAC Sports Foundation. But this time around, it wasn’t enough for a positive start, placements outside the top 15 and an injured team rider were the meager results of the motocross team’s first event in Grevenbroich. “Of course, a result like this isn’t satisfying for us, but sometimes you need a moisturizer like this again to wake up and really motivate yourself for the season again,” Rhodes sees the whole thing calmly.

However, it was then necessary to push hard again in order to better prepare for the inaugural season of the Saxony State Championship, because last year’s Raudies Racing team was regularly on the podium at MX Saxony and with Oscar John at the top, finished the season in Jauer winning the title Championship 2021. In the first race at Jämlitz in Upper Lusatia on fine sand, the champion of Saxony luckily returned to the podium, and in the sports club’s standings Mittelsachsen was also secured a place on the podium with Robin Mich taking third place.

However, former motocross champion Wit Rowdis suffers from fears of a special kind, as there is a lack of offspring among the Waldheimer family. “In the 50cc class, where we used to be in very good shape, things look bad for us at the moment. Unfortunately, we don’t have any rookie drivers at the moment and the juniors need to be trained first before they can be competitive. A year’s training is the top priority here, so we don’t have anyone to use for competition at the moment and the talent we’re still advancing to the higher ranks. So it would be great if there were kids and parents interested in the sport,” Raudies announces to his little troopers and offers interested parties a session Pilot training, which usually takes place on Wednesdays at the company’s training grounds in Reinsdorf.

At the same time, the Raudies draw attention to the fact that motorsport in motocross requires not only the change necessary to be able to play the sport. “Training is one aspect, and in addition to the financial aspects, there is one factor in particular that is not often seen and underestimated, and that is the time factor! For the child only. In addition to training, preparation, and follow-up, which also takes another day. Some parents have the financial means, but not the time, and with others it is just the opposite, or both are there and unfortunately there is a lack of talent,” says family man Rhodes. , who has been successful in motocross for years.

In sponsorship, would-be off-road athletes also need to do their own thing, even if the Raudies themselves are able to gain supporters for their team. Of course, it should also be suitable for school, so that you can be released for events and professional training. However, the Raudies never had any problems with learning facilities in his career as a youth coach, as his subjects always had the right foundation to be able to participate in the competition later. Testimonials can also be highlighted for this 41-year-old. He also supports his followers wherever he is, preferably in person on site, as in the next round of the state championship in Kolitsch, West Saxony, on May 7, 2022.

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