What fans should know about the FC vs Wolfsburg match

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What fans need to know about the match between 1. FC Köln and Wolfsburg

Who is the Cologne player who scored the most goals against Wolfsburg? When did 1. FC Köln celebrate the highest victory? And how is the record against wolves? We have compiled a little regular table knowledge.

Want to be aware of everything at the regulars table? the hard working student? The one who shines with the background of knowledge? No problem. We have collected important facts and figures about the match between 1. FC Köln and VfL Wolfsburg.

What is the record between 1. FC Köln and Wolfsburg?

1. FC Cologne and Wolfsburg will meet in competitive matches for the 35th time. The record clearly speaks of wolves. VfL has won 15 of its previous matches, while FC has won 9 times. Ten matches ended in a draw. The goal score (64:47) also speaks of Lower Saxony.

When did 1. FC Cologne have the biggest win over VFL?

That was more than 31 years ago. In August 1990, FC defeated VfL 6-1 in the first round of the DFB Cup. Frank Ordenewitz put FC ahead after just five minutes. With a hat-trick, Falco Gotze made the score 4-0 before the change. And the national team coach Hansi Flick and Ardenowitz increased again before captain Olaf Ansorgi shortened the team again.

When did FC suffer the biggest defeat against VFL?

This was followed by a decade later in the German Bundesliga. On October 21, 2000, the VFL defeated Billy Goats 6-0. Dietmar Koebauer scored the early lead. Krzysztof Nowak, Jonathan Akpoborie and Zoltan Sebescen made the initial decision before the change. Tomislav Marek and Charles O’Connor scored in the second half.

When was the last time FC beat Wolfsburg?

In the first leg in December of last year, the Bailey Goats were victorious 3-2. After FC fell twice by Lukas Nmecha and Wout Weghorst, Anthony Modeste and Mark Uth tied. Just before the final whistle, Modesti scored the winning goal.

Who is the professional who scored the most goals against Wolfsburg?

With two goals in the first leg, Anthony Modesti became FC’s top scorer against Wolfsburg. He scored four times against Wolverhampton in a Cologne shirt. In total, Modist has already scored eight goals in the English Premier League goal.

Which player has the most matches against Wolfsburg?

Three players have played ten times against VFL. In addition to Timo Horn and Jonas Hector, Miso Brecko also celebrated a small anniversary. On the other hand, Diego Benaglio and Maxi Arnold have the most ‘experience’ in FC with 11 matches.

  • The most important stats 21/22: After round 32, 1. FC Cologne returned to first place in the league in the category of passes taken out of play. FC has 452, Wolfsburg has only 334, but it’s fifth. Cologne is also a great team when it comes to heads won. FC is in second place with a score of 764, and Wolfsburg is in third place with a score of 371. FC is also at the top in intense racing, while Wolfsburg is in seventh place with 719.
  • Fun fact: Mark Uth played a total of 12 times against VfL (only twice in the FC shirt). The Cologne native scored only the first goal against Wolves in the first leg. Anthony Modeste played 12 matches against VFL. However, Cologne’s top scorer scored eight goals against Wolfsburg. Modesty collect more points (11) against any other club.

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