Walt Disney Stocks: What You Should Know Now!

As of May 5, 2022 at 1:20 pm, the price of Walt Disney’s shares in the New York local market is $116.19.

We analyzed Walt Disney’s prospects based on 5 major categories. Inventory receives a partial classification for each category. Generally, the results lead to classification as ‘buy’, ‘book’ or ‘sell’.


1. Investors: A look at the discussion on social media shows the following picture: In the past few days, market participants have had a negative attitude towards Walt Disney. There were a total of five positive and seven negative days. For two days there was no clear trend. In contrast, the latest news about the company over the past day or two has been mostly positive. Based on our sentiment analysis, Walt Disney is given a “Comment” rating. Optimizers counted several confirmed trading signals at the same time, with the majority indicating the direction of “buy”. Accumulation of buy signals also results in a “buy” rating for this criterion. Overall, Walt Disney has a “pending” rating from the editors for investor sentiment.

2. Relative Strength Index: With the help of the Relative Strength Index (RSI), an indicator of technical analysis, a statement can be made as to whether a security is “overbought” or “oversold”. To do this, the upward and downward movements of the underlying asset over time are compared. Let’s look at the last 7 days RSI for Walt Disney stock: The value is currently 64.42. As a result, the securities are neither overbought nor oversold, and therefore we assign a “hold” rating. The RSI for the last 25 trading days is less volatile than the RSI7 and adds a longer-term perspective to our analysis. Unlike RSI7, Walt Disney is overbought here. Therefore the security is rated “sell” for the RSI 25. In general, Walt Disney’s RSI analysis provides a “sell” rating.

3. Analyst Rating: In the past 12 months, analysts have given Walt Disney 21 buy ratings, 4 hold ratings and 0 sell ratings. In the long-term, the stock will therefore receive a “buy” rating from the institutional side. On another consideration, the analysts’ rating for the last month is also interesting. The following image appeared: 2 buy, 0 hold, 0 sell. Thus, the latest analysis has resulted in an overall rating of “buy”. Finally, analysts are also interested in the current price of $116.19. On this basis, they expect a 65.76 percent improvement and an average price target of $192.6. We consider this development a “buy” point of view. In this regard, the overall rating by institutional analysts is “buy”.


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4. Technical Analysis: Walt Disney’s 200-Day Moving Average (GD200) is currently at $156.34. This gives the stock a “sell” rating, insofar as the share price itself closed at $116.19, building a gap of -25.68 percent. The percentage varies compared to the moving average of the last 50 days. GD50 is currently trading at $132.98. This in turn corresponds to the current spread of -12.63 percent for Walt Disney’s stock and thus a “sell” signal. So the total result based on the two periods is ‘sell’.

5. Feelings and Noises: Over the past few weeks, there has been an increase in negative comments about Walt Disney on social media. The measure of market participants’ mood was in red. The stock therefore receives a “sell” rating from the editors. The intensity of contributions or, to put it simply, the frequency of contributions to a stock provides an indication of whether the company is currently the focus of much or little interest from investors. There has been more discussion about Walt Disney than usual, and there is also growing interest. This results in a “buy” rating. Overall, this gives the stock a “sell” rating.

This gives Walt Disney stock a “Hold” rating (when all five factors rated) are considered.

Buy, keep or sell – a Walt Disney historian analysis 07.05. gives the answer:

How will Walt Disney develop now? Is the entry worthwhile, or should investors sell instead? Find out the answers to these questions and why you need to act now on Walt Disney’s current analysis.

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