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Kristen Bruger, Yannick Bruger, Blanca Arizti and Johannes Verbier (back left) are happy with the new members: Sebastian, Antonia, Elizabeth and Sophie (front left). c © Red

Schmitten (IFK). On its first open day since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the tennis club in Reifenberg faced the weather against it, but the club, which was not even able to celebrate its 50th anniversary last year, had five new players at the end of the year. Today’s members.

11-year-old Antonia and 12-year-old Sophie are two of them. After a rainy day last weekend, the stadium, with its state-of-the-art synthetic surface, is immediately playable again. The two girls apparently enjoyed playing their first ball under the guidance of youth director Johannes Verbier. A little later, they were joined by five-year-old Leonard, six-year-old Tim and eight-year-old Lisa, who had brought the invitation to gourmet training from kindergarten and school.

They were all able to understand what Ferber was saying: “The tennis court is our happy place, here we enjoy our sport and our collaboration with the surrounding nature.” Since the open day, the club has also opened again after two years of Corona break. On weekends, once a season, each adult takes over the catering.

Although the epidemic was not for a short time at all, only singles for a while and seats had to be booked online, the club was closed and the terrace was banned, the club says it got through the epidemic well. It currently has about 110 members, a quarter of whom are children and youth. “It would be great if the children could also motivate their parents, then we would have a stronger average age faculty,” says Minister Kirsten Brueger.

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There are currently two men’s teams registered by TC Reifenberg in Medenrunde. “We don’t necessarily have to involve many teams, we also have many amateur players and dual memberships,” explains club president Geert Munster, who has been in charge of the club for more than 20 years. Players who play for other clubs like to use the free practice times at the facility’s frost-resistant rooftop, which has been playable year-round since 2013.

“In our relatively small club, you always get a place. Each member has a key and can play whenever time permits,” announces Secretary Brugger, T. C. Reifenberg.

Karsten Fuller and Bogdan Diaconescu are youth coaches. There are not enough girls and boys in individual age groups to form competitive teams, but youth, parent and child tournaments are held within the club to spark ambition. Championships like this are also important to the life of the club.

The latter also introduced a small celebration in the evening after the open day to offset 50 years with a year delay. Mainova has provided a tent on the club grounds for this purpose. So that members do not have to take care of the restaurants themselves, the club, which is also financially healthy, introduced a catering service.

By the way, beginners and returnees are welcome to arrange a tasting session in Reifenberg. According to the board of directors, they are happy with anyone who wants to hit the first balls (again) over the net and make connections. Interested parties may contact President Gert Münster by e-mail at or by phone 01 75-5 84 04 12 and Secretary Kerstin Brugger by e-mail at Report.

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