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She was a sensation in the year of tennis 2021: Emma Raducano. From the qualifiers, the 19-year-old Briton worked her way up to winning the US Open in ten matches without dropping a set.

Since her surprise win, Raducanu has been on the decline. She is usually fired from the first rounds, and now has her third coach in a year’s time. How can this happen?

BILD: Mrs. Raducano, what does tennis mean to you?

Emma Raducano: It’s like a puzzle that I enjoy a lot. I love the challenge of being ready in a new place every week. Seeing how things evolve, and always motivating yourself, that’s a challenge.

Have you tried another sport before?

Motorsports. I went to go karting and motocross. In tennis tournaments, you did not have to pay an entry fee up front as in motorsports. But I was good, I was second in the race once.

Former top seed Ashleigh Barty has taken a break from her career to play cricket. Can you imagine returning to motorsports?

I love motorsports. But this will also take a lot of time. But maybe you can give me an idea. (He laughs)

Until two weeks ago they had a German coach, Turben Peltz.

Yes, this is correct. A great coach with a lot of experience, as well as at the highest level, a great person, always positive. Remind me that I am doing well; I need it sometimes when I doubt myself. It definitely helped me a lot and motivated me to think positively.

Then why the separation?

Now I want to try a new system that focuses on sparring and test different things. I know exactly what I want to work on and I have concrete ideas. The LTA supports me and I have access to very good trainers.

Did you learn a little German while you were with Turbine Peltz?

(laughs) The bad word with Sch… But I can’t say that here right now. Let’s take: (Raducanu in German) “Let’s go!” But I was also practicing German for a year in school, but none of that stuck with me.

Emma Radocano flew early from Madrid and earlier in Stuttgart.  It was her first clay court tournament as a professionalFoto: Manu Fernandez/AP

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Emma Radocano flew early from Madrid and earlier in Stuttgart. It was her first clay court tournament as a professionalPhoto: Manu Fernandez / AP

After you won the US Open, you broke up with Nigel Sears, who led you to that sensation.

Not always in my hands. My decision was not 100%. There are always two meanings. I come from a beginner level. The US Open was one of my first ever major tournaments. With the victory, it was clear that a lot was going to be new: more travel, all new tournaments. With number 180 in the world, the calendar is not full of anything. You have to want the new life. He has a family, a young child, you have to respect that. But there are many other things that I cannot influence.

You said you need a reminder to do a good job. Isn’t the US Open to win a good job?

Yes, anyway. But you can quickly forget that if you always want to develop and achieve new goals. So you need a reminder.

Since the US Open, she hasn’t played much sports. why?

Honestly, the results don’t really matter to me. I think my tennis has improved anyway. But 2022 is off to a rough start. I had corona, been out for a long time. I had to recover quickly because I had physical problems. But I am still young, hungry to learn and everyone who comes in contact with me knows that I love to ask questions and am curious.

Could you improve if you knew the tour? For now, all tournaments are a whole new area for you.

It may help, then you will feel more comfortable. The little things are important. But the most important thing is my game. This is on the right track. I need tournaments every week to get used to the level. This is much higher than it was on the ITF tour. You have to be prepared for the long matches, the big hits, but that comes with time and experience.

Looking back at the US Open today, how do you feel?

In some matches I played tennis incredibly well, but I think and strongly believe that tennis is better now, as I said. The opponents have more motivations against me and really want to defeat me. I take it as a challenge, it’s a compliment.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you because of success?

The greatest thing was the Queen’s letter congratulating me. This is something very special.

10 games without dropping a set as a qualifier: Emma Raducano won the 2021 US OpenFoto: Seth Wenig/dpa

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10 games without dropping a set as a qualifier: Emma Raducano won the 2021 US OpenPhoto: Seth Little/D

Have you handled any of her $2.5 million prize money?

No, I didn’t need anything. I’m not so materialistic that I should buy something if I achieve something specific.

At Wimbledon 2019, 15-year-old Coco Gauff made a breakthrough in the round of 16. Everyone said she would be the first young generation to win a major. Now you’ve passed them. How do you feel?

I remember playing my first round match for the junior team against Simona Halep during that Round of 16 match between Coco and Simona Halep. She was definitely an inspiration and motivation. I was 16 at the time and I thought until then: Maybe you’ll reach the last 16 in a Grand Slam when I was 23. Then all of a sudden you see a 15-year-old playing there. And then you pass that on to yourself and you know: It’s possible – even earlier when I was 16 (laughs)

Complete focus!  Emma Raducano is number 11 in the world, and she wants to be in the top ten soonFoto: Manu Fernandez/dpa

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Complete focus! Emma Raducano is number 11 in the world, and she wants to be in the top ten soonPhoto: Manu Fernandez / D

Is it true that Stuttgart was your first clay court tournament? Finally, the French Open is approaching.

In the professional field, yes. I played my first claycourt match at the Billie Jean King Cup in Prague, and Stuttgart was my first. It’s progressing and I think it could be a good surface for me in the next few years. Nor is it a love-hate relationship. But I like sliding, but you have to practice for it.

In Prague you said you never get more toenails from slipping. how is that possible?

I don’t know myself. As an athlete, you rarely have beautiful nails, and so do I. You move differently on the sand. Changing direction, the shoe stops there, but the foot still slips, all of those things.

Does it hurt?

Yes, of course. But I treat my feet. It all started with blisters, then nails, I have to be careful there.

What do you expect from the French Open?

My first show there, Paris is a great city. I’m really looking forward to it. I want to be good at it, but that won’t be until later. Although who knows. (He laughs)

Emma Radocano is also making a great personality out of the tennis court, here at the 2021 New York Met GalaFoto: FilmMagic

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Emma Radocano is also making a great personality out of the tennis court, here at the 2021 New York Met GalaPhoto: Magic Film

Can you imagine that you will continue to play after 20 years?

Oh, I’m 39. Even younger than Venus and Serena Williams today. Well, I think I’m more likely to drive in the Porsche Carrera Cup. I was in the final at Brands Hatch, and I’d like to participate.

They are very international: Romanian father, Chinese mother, born in Canada and raised in the United Kingdom. What are the peculiarities of the country that unites it?

I inherited my great respect for people from my mother. My father is very logical and logical and logical and facts and facts and facts. Don’t be fooled. That helped me a lot. Above all else, I must always be true to myself. British is my whole life. I love British humour. and Canadian? tell me.

Would you rather something German after time with Torben Beltz?

Punctuality. If I’m 45 seconds late, I’m told: What’s going on? You are too late! (He laughs)

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