Sportkreis Altenkirchen: The consequences of the epidemic affected clubs

Message from 07.05.2022

By Klaus Kohnen

The Corona crisis hit some sports clubs hard. What consequences are they dealing with? And to what extent do crises such as the Ukraine war affect them? These questions were the focus of the last meeting of the Altenkirchen sports group at Schützenhaus Wissen-Schönstein.

Michael Webber was the head of the athletic group for twelve years. In farewell he was awarded the Medal of Honor. The President of the Rhineland Sports Federation is pleased with Weber with this honor. (Photo: kko)

Knowledge. At his last meeting as head of the Altenkirchen sports district, it was important for Michael Webber to stress that the pandemic has affected all clubs. The only official representative of local politics in attendance, the first Betzdorf-Gebhardshain councilor Joachim Brenner, addressed this topic in his welcome address. He is aware that the number of members has decreased in some clubs. Many sports facilities would have to be restored because maintenance was also not possible. Organized sports operations depend on the support of the municipalities. The goal here is to support and encourage the clubs.

In the speech of the President of the Rhineland Sports Federation, Monica Sauer, it became clear that the war in Ukraine and refugees also affect the clubs. Here it was possible that clubs would not have to take over insurance for these athletes, regardless of whether they were children or adults. According to Sauer, the insurance could have been obtained by the sports federation. So refugees and clubs can participate in sports with peace of mind. This applies not only to training, but also to competitions. This work should promote integration. Because sport is one of the most important ways to engage children and young people and prove that they are not alone. The second point in her speech is related to the sports clubs in Wadi Al-Ahar. Several sports fields will have to be renovated or newly built here. Sports equipment is also available, which is an emergency aid when rented.

Before memorializing those who died in recent years, Weber called Eugene Altzmann. He actually came from Ingolstadt, which didn’t stop him from being a member of the VfB Knowledge for a full seven decades until his death last year. With the club he was able to celebrate promotion to the Rhineland League. For many years he was a coach at VfB Knowledge and also a cashier at the sports grounds. Weber described it as a mathematical foundation in knowledge.

Board elections were also held at the meeting. Michael Webber resigned after twelve years as president. Received the Silver Medal of Honor. Former youth leader Benjamin Limber was elected as his successor. Michael Wäschenbach is still an MP. (kko)

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