Schorndorf Center for Adult Education: Art exhibition “In the River” by Guenther Garbusch-Schorndorf

In the flow of time, in the flow of things, in the flow of life, in the flow of fate – everything is constantly changing. Perhaps that is why artist Guenther Garbutz called his exhibition, which will be shown on May 8 at the Schorndorf Center for Adult Education, under the title “M Floss”. These are the businesses that are in motion. From realistic to surreal, from reality to fiction. Günter Garbocz previously told us how the works were created and what the purpose of the exhibition was.

You were born in Poland in 1958. How did you come to Germany and what is your relationship with Schorndorf?

I came to Germany in 1977 as a late returnee from Gliwice in Silesia. I have been a lecturer at the Adult Education Center in Schorndorf for three years, so the exhibition in the Adult Education Center building was a natural choice.

I saw on your homepage that you are involved in many artistic associations – have you turned your hobby into a profession?

I have been working at Kunstverein Remshalden and Künstlerbund Stuttgart for a few years now. Unfortunately, only very few are able to make a living from art.

How did you get into art?

As a teenager, I attended art school, and then there was a very long break, during which drawing had to give way to “real life”. At the age of about fifty and with many coincidences due to life, I began to deal with art intensively again. One of the decisive factors was the meeting with Anderej Dugen at the Free Academy of Arts in Stuttgart. He taught me the correct technique for getting my thoughts into the canvas.

The exhibition at the Center for Adult Education in Schorndorf is entitled “In the flow of time… of things… of life…”. Did you choose this title and if so, how did you come up with it?

It is always difficult to find a suitable title for an exhibition. You manage to reconcile the different themes of his works. In the end I came up with the title “M Floss”. After all, we’re all in the flow of life, you can’t really have a say in its flow, sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s strong – that’s how I work, it always comes with time and my mood.

What moved you on this subject?

The exhibition is a cross-section of my work. The past few years have been turbulent for all of us. I hope I can show you what I’ve created during this time.

How many works are shown in the exhibition and how were they created?

The majority of the business was created in the last three years. In fact, my work as a lecturer at an adult education center inspired me to delve deeper into the technique of watercolor painting. The subject matter ranges from nature photography to topics such as new technologies and the depiction of people – sometimes portraits, sometimes hands. There is also an alternation of styles here, natural and realistic. During the pandemic, I discovered watercolor painting, which is fast and has a huge impact. Not that my previous works have no effect, but unlike oil painting, it takes less time.

What is the point of this exhibition – is there one?

The goal of my exhibition is for people to be able to meet again and exchange ideas. I think everyone has what it takes to talk about art and participate in art. My message is that it is never too late to start art. Places like the Adult Education Center in particular have been able to bring people together and enjoy creative work.

Do you have a favorite work in this gallery?

My favorite work is The New Light. I drew it after noticing how consuming smartphones around me. Everyone adopts this curved position to look at the bright light in their hand. A kind of new religion has emerged for me, social media has become like daily prayer. That’s why built in sacred components, antennas proclaim the new message like a cross. I find it fascinating how we humans have always worked to find an alternative to faith and religion.

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