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The Nordischer Klang festival will be held in Greifswald until 15 May. The festival features concerts, films, panel discussions and exhibitions. Norway is sponsored this year. Particular emphasis is placed on the Åland Islands.

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by Weronika Golletz

The festival has been going on for three decades “Nordic Sound” is an integral part of the North German cultural calendar. As one of the largest non-Scandinavian festivals with a focus on Northern Europe, it brings new names from the Northern European music scene to the Greifswald stages every year. “Many are coming to Germany for the first time,” explains coach Fritjof Strauss. “These are really German beginnings.”

From jazz to soul to Nordic/Celtic folk, the festival offers a wide range. “The choice of musical genres is very wide, but it’s still not a festival for professionals or a niche audience, but concerts should really appeal to people of all generations,” Strauss says.

Special focus on the Åland Islands

Readings, exhibitions, and scholarly formulas invite you to experience and celebrate the culture, art, and life of Northern Europe. This year’s festival is sponsored by Norwegian.

But there is another point of focus: “As a Finnish expert, I am of course delighted that we have a special focus on the Åland Islands this year,” explains festival director Marko Pantermmuller. The Aland Islands celebrate 100 years of autonomy.”

The Åland Islands were the subject of one of the first conflicts under international law in the Baltic Sea region. “For a long time, the Åland Islands were a pawn between the major powers – including Finland and Sweden. The dispute was then resolved by a decision of the League of Nations attributing the Åland Islands to Finland, but the islands were granted an autonomous status.” Although the archipelago at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia is an autonomous region of Finland, the official language is Swedish. And that combination is exactly what makes the culture of the Aland Islands so interesting, says Marco Pantermmuller.

The influence of different cultures on the art scene

Birds of People © Natalie Olson

On May 8th, Birdpeople and two other musicians from Aland will play in the university arena.

How it influences and shapes artists will be discussed on May 11th from 2pm at Kulturhaus Straze. The Birdpeople take on an art talk, as they go about their experiences between the cultures of Finland and Sweden and how they incorporate this experience into their own Åland culture into their artistic interpretation. “One of the musicians studied in Stockholm, the other in Helsinki and the third in the group from the Åland Islands,” explains Pantermmuller. So in the artist’s talk, we actually have three different impressions, three different points of view and we can talk about the turning points in developing their own form of cultural expression. “

Discussion on the security policy of the Åland Islands

The discussion will continue at Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg on May 5, from 6pm. Then there will be a panel discussion with the Åland Peace Research Institute on security, identity and language policies in Åland.

“For me as a Ukrainian, it is now very important for such events to happen,” says press spokeswoman Mariana Yarymchychina. “We can have a basic dialogue on the issue of peace and independence,” he added. One fact that not much is known about Ukraine is that it first declared its independence in 1918. “For us it is already a hundred years of history and I am very happy that we can find more points of connection between our stories and learn something from each other.”

Nordic Sound Festival begins in Greifswald

Norway is sponsored this year. Particular emphasis is placed on the Åland Islands.

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