New Album After Seven Years – Getting Old With Bill and Sebastian

Scottish band Belle And Sebastian has donated the rights to their new song “If They Shoot You” to the Red Cross to help people in Ukraine. More than just a gesture, because it’s one of the songs on the new album “A Bit Of Previous” with potential for success – the track should bring lasting money.

Pop songs about violence and oppression

It’s also a piece that once again shows just how well the seven-piece band from Glasgow has mastered: big, melodic pop hits with lyrics that explore the abyss of life in a few words. In this case, it is about experiences of violence and oppression. Singer-songwriter Stuart Murdoch explains that it couldn’t be compared to the suffering of the war in Ukraine, yet it sounded like the most fitting song.

We cannot understand how the people of Ukraine are going through this.

Stuart Murdoch, singer

The band wanted to do something to raise money for the Red Cross. “Now we have transferred all rights to this song to the Red Cross, which means that as long as this song is played or purchased somewhere, the money will go to the Red Cross, even in the distant future.”

First album in seven years

“A Bit Of Previous” is the Scotsman’s first album in seven years – but they’ve released three in the meantime, so Bill and Sebastian are by no means holding back.

There’s a big theme in the new album getting older. “We made our last album seven years ago. Seven more years from now and I’ll turn 60!” Murdoch explains. “Nobody thinks they live forever and life gets easier. So you have to make the most of every day — and every album.”

Belle and Sebastian have certainly made the best of their new album: one chasing the other, producing hymns of life and transit, sumptuously arranged with strings and brass.

It could be a musical again – Stuart Murdoch had already released a musical about the beauty and suffering of first love in 2009 called God Help The Girl.

The synthesizer-heavy Eurodisco tracks “Prophets On Hold” and “Reclaim The Night” come a little unexpected.

The idea of ​​reincarnation

The trials and tribulations of the human heart, struggles, misunderstandings, and failed love – in A Bit Of Previous, Bill and Sebastian explore life once more with poignant choruses and heart-wrenching changes in tune, soothing rather than devastating.

Then, as the album’s final track, “Working Boy In New York City” makes the promise that God will take you in the end. It is difficult to quantify how much this means in the Christian sense.

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Stuart Murdoch, who went to church regularly for years and found comfort in his faith, now describes himself as a Buddhist and offers public meditation sessions on Facebook.

And he believes in reincarnation — that’s what the album title implies: “It’s a British saying. When you have a ‘little ex’ with someone, you share the past. You used to date or work together, but you end up falling out,” Murdoch explains. .

There is a tension in the form of speech. “The album title is a bit of a joke. Some of the songs are about Buddhism and I think it’s funny to write a song about reincarnation and call it ‘A Bit Of Previous’.” The song did not enter the album, but the title became the title of the album.

I forgot the group’s 25th anniversary

A Bit Of Previous is the album that makes Belle and Sebastian a timeless force in British pop music, if you haven’t already. The band completely forgot about their 25th anniversary last year during the pandemic.

But they weren’t sad about it, as keyboardist Chris Geddes explained: “In a way the date wasn’t on our calendars. Thinking about it, the last time we celebrated its 20th anniversary which coincided with the Brexit referendum — a lot For that. I don’t think we wanted to risk the party again.”

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