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Tim Walter took everyone back individually. The Hamburger SV coach walked across the circle formed by his team, biting the players’ cheeks, embracing them, and shouting a few words in their ears. And indeed, Walter had to shout very loudly, for the people to the north made such a commotion, that the bells of the Hamburger Michel church in the center of the Hanseatic city surely trembled.

It went on like this forever for a bit, HSV fans didn’t want to stop singing, but they probably couldn’t do anything else. After all, they’ve just witnessed something like a resurrection, at least one small one: your club, already written off by many this season, and sometimes by their staff – they’re back in the middle with a 2-1 home win against the rising works of Hannover 96. He said Walter “We also want to win the next game, and therefore take the next step in the other league.” The calculation now looks very simple: victory on the last day of the match against Hansa Rostock and Hamburg could no longer be expelled from the third relegation position due to a significantly better goal difference. (Click here for the second class schedule)

Former HSV coach Daniel Teun did valuable prep work

The score from Friday was also essential for this starting position, because in this crazy supply-chain-like second division, every club is somewhat dependent on the others – and the preparatory work was done by an old acquaintance of everyone: coach Daniel Theon, the previous season HSV failed In the promotion project, he won with Fortuna Düsseldorf against Darmstadt 98 – thus giving his former club the opportunity to advance to this most promising position in the table in the first place.

A special atmosphere can be felt all morning in the Hanseatic city, on every street corner you can see people with a rhombus on their chest, on their forehead or as a removable tattoo on their cheek. This crackling then traveled to the playing field and built up on the surface. So much so that Walter-Elf seemed a little discouraged at the start of the match by the fans, perhaps also because of the great opportunity that was inherent in this game.

Walter’s team showed all their sides against Hannover – the good and the bad

But hamburgers got into the game better and better, their heads became more alert, their bodies more resistant, and their feet more refined. Playmaker Sonny Kittel had a good chance, then defender Sebastian Schönlau hit a long shot after a corner kick, from a free position and from a best position. It was fitting for the season at HSV, which coach Walter coached to play elegant, fast-paced possession football, but ended up suffering from lethal excitement. Therefore, it often comes down to whether something can be created that can be counted from the dominance, and it is important at least precisely that the gaps in the back do not become too large.

The 20th minute represented the entire HSV season, and it was also an example of the risks and side effects of Walter football. A slight mistake in the structure of the game here, a slight mistake in the position there – and 96th striker Hendrik Wiedant ran single-handedly towards the Hamburg goal. But Weydandt ultimately failed in front of HSV goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandez, an excellent footballer with a better view of the situation. Hoyer Fernandez made the match quickly, and the ball was able to reach striker Bekri Gatta in a few seconds, Gata crossed into the penalty area, where striker Robert Glatzel pushed the ball over the line with his right. 1:0 Volkswagen Park was shaken.

Glatzel is in great shape, and a lot depends on his daily HSV level. In the match against Hanover he got the balls in each position, ran into the rooms, sometimes making room for the wings. But at the right moment he returned to the dangerous areas. As in the 23rd minute, it was again a fast movement, Gatta passed back to Glatzel. The only difference this time was that the striker put the ball in the chest over the goal line. 2-0 – And Glatzel’s 22nd goal of the season, 13 of them in just the last 16 games.

“We will take that energy with us next week,” HSV Commander Chunlao announced.

After that, Walter said, the team became “a little sleepy.” And the result was a little later: the 96th playmaker Sebastian Kirk’s goal, with a technical shot in the long turn (23rd place). In the first half, Heimelf shouldn’t have recovered from this, they now looked tense, nervous and sometimes overstimulated.

It was not that HSV confidently defended its lead to the end, as the team changed the faces of the rest of the match, as the weather usually changes in Hamburg. Sometimes Walter-Elf seemed stable, then a feverish short time, and then suddenly the system came back on. It was an unknown combination. Jatta missed a great opportunity to make the score 3-1 and so did substitute Fred Alidou. However, this was the difference from the past few years, as Hamburgers threw themselves away from the promotion race with inexplicable mistakes: they withstood pressure, expectations, and especially the attacks of an excited opponent suddenly.

“We will take that energy with us next week,” HSV Commander Chunlao announced. Then the contender is Hansa Rostock, 11th in the table, and you don’t have to worry about relegation. HSV now has something to lose for the first time this season. So he’s playing against himself again.

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