Final campaign race in Schleswig-Holstein-Hamburg Abendblatt

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Final campaign race in Schleswig-Holstein

Chancellor Olaf Schultz speaks in Kiel’s City Hall Square.

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A certain victory, another between fear and hope, and above all the Ukrainian crisis – the parties in the north are competing for the final stage of the campaign before the state elections in different atmospheres.

a model. At the end of the election campaign in Schleswig-Holstein, the parties once again mobilized their electors for the events leading up to the state elections.

SPD candidate Thomas Los Mueller received support from Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Kiel on Friday afternoon. The Christian Democratic Union’s prime minister, Daniel Gunther, had been named to Nortorf and Labo on the programme. In Kiel, the Climate Friday for Future movement bolstered its demands on state policies with a rally and demonstration in the afternoon.

At a rally, Schultz campaigned for Los Mueller, whom he called the politician “with the right heart in the right place.” Above all, the chancellor used the appearance, which was accompanied by loud protests, to defend the policy of the federal government in the Ukraine conflict.

Schulze said that after World War II, there was agreement that borders in Europe would no longer be moved by force. This is something that Putin doubted and we will not accept.” Germany must not leave Ukraine alone, it cannot defend itself against the aggressor without weapons.

Federal SPD chief Lars Klingbeil has encouraged his party in the north to hold elections on Sunday. Losse-Müller is someone who “can do it”. He has experience and ideas. “Now we need a government that is going forward,” Klingbeil said.

Los Mueller criticized the current government’s balance of the CDU, the Greens and the FDP. The Jamaica Alliance organized a standstill. The social idea must come to the fore again in the new state government. “Social is the prerequisite for this country to progress again.”

According to police, more than 1,200 people gathered in City Hall Square for the Social Democratic Party rally, including about 50 counter-demonstrators. They loudly disrupted the march with sirens and sirens. The “Scholz to the front” poster reads “Create Peace Without Weapons” on another.

CDU is ahead in the polls

Opinion polls put the CDU well ahead of the Social Democrats and the Greens at 38 percent. Both were restricted by 18 per cent in the ZDF “Politbarometer Extra” published Thursday night. Opinion polls consistently predict a secure majority for a possible coalition between the CDU and the Greens.

It would be closer, but conceivable to the CDU and FDP coalition. According to opinion polls, a coalition led by the Social Democrats or the Greens seems unlikely. Since 2017, the CDU, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party have ruled together in the north.

The last two candidates, Monica Heinold and Aminata Toure, appeared on Friday afternoon accompanied by Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck. Habek praised above all the country’s political culture. “It is no longer a taboo to talk to each other – even if you belong to different political camps,” he said at a rally in Newmunster.

Habeck, who was himself a minister in Schleswig-Holstein for a long time, said that in recent years a culture has been found in which one can judge well. This is largely due to the greens. Heinold also toured Gethwerk and Kiel on Friday, followed by Rendsburg and Bad Malente on Saturday.

The FDP with lead candidate Bernd Buchholz also counted on the support of its leader, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner – with joint appointments on Friday in Flensburg and Neumünster. On Saturday you should continue in Kiel and Lübeck.

Gunther became a night owl

The day before the elections, Gunther and Lucy Muller also worked hard. The premier will be on the road in his home country of Eckernförde and in Gettorf, among other places. Later, Gunther becomes a night owl: at ten in the evening the party of young voters will begin with him in Kiel.

Losse-Müller wants to promote himself and his party by distributing flyers in Eckernförde from 7 am. In the constituency there, he and Gunther also compete against each other as direct candidates. Losse-Müller has scheduled a pub crawl in Eckernförde until 10 pm.

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