FC FC Antwerp coach: “Look forward, fight, stay connected” – Football

1. Kaiserslautern has had an exciting season at times. Ahead of the last game in Victoria Colin, SWR Sport spoke exclusively to FCK coach Marco Antwerpen.

SWR Sports: Marco Antwerp, the last match of the tournament to come. It’s already been a great season. How important is stressing that to you?

Marco Antwerp: You can see that the mood may change a little bit, going in a different direction. After the two defeats brought us back a little. And then, I think, you have to run the whole season. It was important for me to highlight once again the players who have done really well here over a year ago. If we don’t let it be ruined by the fact we could be wrong twice.

SWR Sports: You can’t get a greater compliment than that. There are 48,000 in two important matches and no referee after the defeat to Dortmund. exactly the contrary. There’s a “you can do it” call and there’s singing for minutes. After all, that’s what matters, right?

Marco Antwerp: The fans actually have the best sense of what the team is doing and have a sense of when they need to build a team. Also at work in Wiesbaden. The stadium there belongs to us, what was going on there. After the match there was support for the players and I also received support because we were also disappointed. You shouldn’t forget what happened here after the games. The players have achieved a lot this season, and they have already sold Betze twice. This is just wonderful.


On the recent spurt of all things, it looks like FCK is running out of air in the battle for promotion. A direct way up is only theoretically possible – in the worst case, there is a risk of slipping into fourth place.

SWR Sports: How is it when anything is possible? It can still be a direct promotion. Very likely, but not certain. An ungrateful fourth place is still possible. How is that for you as a coach?

Marco Antwerp: Look ahead, fight, keep it up, just be positive, focus on what you’ve already achieved. And that’s too much. At the start of the season, we already crossed out some. It was like ‘We can’t win away from home’ or ‘We can’t score two goals and our strikers don’t score anyway’. Historically, we have been eliminated from the FA Cup. But we went against all odds. This is what we will do now. We got it wrong twice and now we’re going to fight against it again and of course we’re trying to get that chance to play two really good games. It would be better to go straight, of course. I also said that what can happen to us, can also happen to Eintracht Braunschweig.

SWR Sports: How are you preparing the team now? After these defeats, where things did not turn out that way. Now how do you get the focus right so that it counts at 2pm on a Sunday?

Marco Antwerp: This is exactly our task now. We gave the players two days off. Two days off so you can also tackle a few things in the family circle. This is always very important. Then we started the week on a positive note, just addressing exactly those things that were important to us, what this team has already achieved.

We are playing the best season in the third division here. Everything that happened before that I am not responsible for. I also had nothing to do with the second division at the time, who got relegated there or anything like that, but I am responsible for playing successful football this season. And I do it with my coaching staff.

I do it with a simply great team. With a team that deserves exactly this attribute. So we’re trying to win another game on Sunday.

SWR Sports: How hard is it to confuse slack with focus?

Marco Antwerp: It’s not difficult, we know the team. We know how you have to deal with individual characters. You should have one-on-one conversations with someone. With another you can already see how he fully focuses in training sessions. Everything is already processed there. We already know how to deal with individual players and with the team as a whole.

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