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For a long time, VfB kept its cool in the relegation battle. Only recently has the sound become more intense. The tension before the Bayern Munich match is enormous. Bielefeld’s mistake should help the Swabians.

Pellegrino Matarazzo must have taken a deep breath in the home’s living room. The Stuttgart coach had announced that he would watch the match between stalker Armenia Bielefeld and FFL Bochum on Friday evening with his coaching team in his apartment.

And maybe he just didn’t like the dinner and the beer he wanted to drink. Due to their 2-1 defeat, Bielefeld remained behind Stuttgart in the Bundesliga table. They can beat Bayern Munich Munich Sunday (5.30pm / DAZN) until safe entry into the landing. But this is not very likely and the last job against 1. FC Köln in a week is also difficult. Landing battle as a nerve-wracking story. The pressure hasn’t been around for long in VfB, but I’ve been feeling it lately.

Swabians are not selected enough

For long stretches of the season, the Stuttgart team looked quite confident. With so many outstanding performers absent due to injury or illness, success will surely return in the future. This is the theory. But this practice looked different.

A rebellion in March was followed by nine consecutive matches without a win. VfB took eight points from four matches, overturned the deficit against Gladbach (3:2) and Augsburg (3:2) – and felt the tables in the relegation battle once again. But I just felt. And only a small road. In the draws in Bielefeld (1:1) and Mainz (0:0) points are awarded again.

The Swabians just didn’t capture the determination enough when they had the opportunity to climb to the bottom – and the sporty drive might not hit players hard enough for very long. As a rule, coach Matarazzo, who never discussed himself, and sporting director Sven Mislentat preemptively stood in front of the team. Only in exceptional cases, such as after a 0-0 draw at Fürth at the start of the second half, did he publicly criticize them. And only after the defeat to Hertha Berlin (0:2) and the draw against Wolfsburg (1:1) in the last two matches, the leaders’ tone became very difficult. Coach “Kackspiele” said they were from his team.

wake up And keep your position

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Matarazzo explained on Friday that you have to “differentiate between what is communicated internally and externally.” “What should every player hear? What should the team hear? What should the media hear? What time to send a signal to the outside world?” All this must be balanced. After the game in Bielefeld, for example, “Think about the right approach.” Should he praise the players for creating so many chances? Or do you criticize them for not using it? It’s often a good line coaches walk in their analysis. Matarazzo openly admitted that one could certainly debate whether he had always succeeded in doing so.

The truth is: “We are where we are now and we want to get out of this situation as best we can.” So the coach called for courage, strong team effort, durability and intensity in the match at Bayern Munich. It is important now to stand up and maintain your composure. Matarazzo definitely wants to score points in Munich – championship celebration or not.

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann will not be interested in his former assistant under Hoffenheim. “I want to win the match, although I really appreciate Renault as a person and a professional,” said the 34-year-old. According to Matarazzo, Swabians, who spoiled Bayern Munich’s 4-1 win four years ago, will not go there “to celebrate a party, but to write our own history”.

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