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You can think of the vehicle and the correct text entry in advance. Once again, the indicator trumps the condition, and reality trumps fiction. All you have to do is press the glass start button on the Vantage’s center console and all thoughts escape with the hot breath of the turbocharged V12 through the millimeter-thick stainless steel exhaust system. Because he can breathe, credited. Now again. In its twilight, before the electric sun shines in the next generation.

333 pcs. sold out

A short gas tap is enough for a creative reset. Alright, let’s start with a blank sheet of paper and move on. The final Vantage V12 was already sold out anyway. The order books for copies 333 were barely opened when they were closed again. From which we have neither trading advice nor an evaluation of the price in front of the fund. With the base price already on the cliff of 300,000, the first additional folds over it. And there are plenty of them, as the ten-page price list reveals.

Arturo Rivas

The cockpit of the Aston Martin Vantage V12.

the sound? In a league of their own

to study? Maybe later, may now. After a puffy start, the two-seater rolls into Räkel mode at resting speed. The V12 twin-turbo engine is allowed to warm up approximately 11 liters of engine oil, discharging the ZF 8 HP automatic transmission. Where – Everything looks smooth right after the start. The 60-degree V12 seems to be in a league of its own. No deep V8 bubbles, no high-frequency V8 screeching, just a mix of a solid base coat with a rich mid-range package. It seems special anyway. Exclusive. for money. This is how you swim relaxing through the city towards the country road. The machine keeps the engine speed low, but the heart rate remains constant, the sides of the 21-inch wheels look very crisp, just waiting for the unwanted chip on the pavement to be removed. What looks like a root canal with ineffective anesthesia – when the drill reaches the bottom for a short time. This time everything remains the same. Carbon splitters, blades, spoilers, diffusers and wheels. And it has feathers and wheels! They distinguish the virtue of farewell from his brothers. But he has more up his sleeve.

Arturo Rivas

Arturo Rivas

This wing delivers over 200 kilograms of downforce at full speed.

700 hp, wide track

Aston experts know: here comes the most powerful Vantage, in the British family only DBS Superleggera (725 hp) and DBX 707 (707 hp) make more. problem? None, with 700 hp and 753 Nm, the 5.2 liter engine sends enough torque to the 315 rear with a 40 mm wider track. Which also explains why outside mirrors are hung on such long arms. The first free stretch of the highway also demonstrates the validity of technical promises.

Arturo Rivas

Arturo Rivas

The 315 rear sport tires fight for every millimeter of grip.

200 mph, fixed pedal

It should run 200 mph (about 322 km/h). It runs 200 miles per hour. according to the speedometer. doubt? Nobody. Neither in positive acceleration nor in negative acceleration, where the generous ceramic coupling is responsible. 410s in the front and 360s in the back convert kinetics into heat. With a very strong pedal feel and a good dose. Here, too, the ancient world could once again show what it could do. So far, no electronic pedal simulation has felt the stability of this traditional system. On acceleration, it becomes even more bitter for champions like the V12. heroes? At least that’s what Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moores thinks, who sees the brand champion in the Vantage V12.

Stylish shells, real buttons

Even if that would stop some small-powered owners while sprinting from zero to 100. For example in the Mercedes EQS AMG, where back-seat passengers cuddled against soft headrest cushions, while you’re stuck in the radical carbon shells of an Aston. Adjustable length with loop, electric backrest angle. But in fact, it’s so nice to sit on, these are carbon artworks, with different fabrics covering finely sewn pillows. Suitable for a living room in appearance, it resembles a vise in lateral support, it also saves 7.3 kg. Try it on yourself… Speaking of which, it can narrow in cups for people with wide hips. Likewise for the embarrassed, when they attach themselves between the low ceiling and high seat edges of the Vantage. To feel the old world again afterwards. Without excessive screen use and menu level records. Push around the screen? Willingly. But it does not help, because there is no touch function. Aston relies on the physical (many metal) and rotary push-button buttons of the previous domesticated Mercedes system.

Arturo Rivas

Arturo Rivas

It should run 200 mph (about 322 km/h).

Nothing in the garage – Vantage V12 wants to go out and play

It would be very sad to embalm a Vantage V12 in air-conditioned group garages. wants out. Romp across country road. Driving with a boring hole in the middle? None of this. By adjusting the steering tension, it always smells somewhere, picks up the path and gives unfiltered feedback. permanent. Also because of the new adaptive dampers, stiffer springs, modified stabilizers (softer on the rear axle than before, which doesn’t change the lower body roll) and higher overall stiffness you think you can physically feel. Such as the rear axle differential lock, the wider track, and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, which ensures traction as well as the lower part of the chassis, blades and wing, which produces more than 200 kilograms of downforce at full speed. For those who are visually sensitive, it can still be canceled. Sorry, it could have been.

Arturo Rivas

Arturo Rivas

Powerful ceramic brake system takes care of deceleration.

Active driving instead of instant driving dynamics

Here and now, Vantage perfectly locks it in and never lets go. The engine does not always deliver the same instantaneous torque, but rather forces you to deal with its characteristics and automatic strategy. Or it calls for independent switching with an easy-to-use carbon scythe next to the steering wheel. It takes a point to get to know each other, but at some point you calculate the minimal delay in power buildup, trust the supportive rear axle and largely unbreakable front, and scan the road for bumps that could push the Vantage. Active driving that rewards the active driver with analog flow. Then when everything fits. The eyes, hands and feet combine with the car, the environment and speed. It’s a pity in fact that one of these honest men is leaving the automobile stage once again.

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Finally, it’s dynamic again for the Vantage V12. Compact chassis, direct steering, reduced weight, higher rigidity plus higher downforce: this is how the 700-horsepower Aston says goodbye to combustion engine retirement. The future belongs to electric cars. is she[تسمى

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