2 In Kings – Leon Draisaitl Celebrates An Upcoming Party With Oilers

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8:2 With the Kings – Draisaitl celebrates with Oilers at the next party

While most Europeans are asleep, the professional leagues in North America are bustling. What happened that night in American football, basketball, and ice hockey.

Hockey: Draisaitl Oilers Take the Lead Against the L.A. Kings in the Playoffs

The Edmonton Oilers and German ice hockey star Leon Drysittel led 2-1 against the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL play-off series. The Oilers clearly won Game Three of their best of seven away series on Friday night (local time) 8-2 (2-0, 3-2, 3-0).

As in the second match, Draisaitl scored the goal to make it 1-0 and later scored another goal. Evander Kane scored a hat-trick while Ryan Nugent Hopkins scored a double. And goalkeeper Mike Smith, who made a terrible mistake in the first game, made a strong display as he saved 44 times against Kings, whose former national coach Marco Storm was assistant coach.

The Toronto Maple Leafs (5-2 at holders Tampa Bay Lightning) and Minnesota Wild (5-1 at St. Louis Blues) also led 2-1 in the first-leg series. Meanwhile, the Boston Bruins cut the difference to 2-1 at home with a 4-2 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes.

Basketball: 14 points, first win – Clipper shorts with Mavericks

14 points, first win: National player Maxi Clipper had a very significant success with the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Playoffs. The Texas team beat the Phoenix Suns in their third quarterfinal game, also thanks to Clipper’s good performance, with 103:94 and after two defeats they cut the opening difference to 1:2. Four wins are necessary to advance to the conference finals. Game Four of the series airs Sunday night.

Kleber showed a solid performance in 33 minutes of play, sank three times and ended up with 14 points. He also got three rebounds and contributed four assists. Jalen Bronson advanced to the top MAF shooters with 28 points and Luka Doncic with 26 points. And the Suns, who had the best team in the main role, had none other than star Chris Paul with 12 points.

In Game Two of the evening, the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Miami Heat 99:79 and also dropped to 1:2. Joel Embiid, who missed due to a concussion and orbital fracture, celebrated his return to Earth. The midfielder, who was wearing a mask, scored 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Basketball: WNBA season begins without sisters Griner and Sabally

The 26th season of the WNBA begins under the impression of a player who isn’t even there. Without superstar Britney Greiner, who is imprisoned in Russia, the Phoenix Mercury lost 88:106 to the Las Vegas Ice on Friday (local time).

Instead, an initials BG logo and Griner’s number 42 jersey can be seen on the side edge of all stadiums in the league. The two-time Olympic champion was arrested in February for drug possession at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport and has been in custody since.

Grenier was in the championship final with Phoenix last season, but lost to Chicago Sky. According to the information, the 31-year-old faces imprisonment from five to ten years. Grenier has also played for Russia’s top club UGMK Jekaterinburg for years, which she has won in the Euroleague four times.

The WNBA season also begins without German sisters Sato and Nayara Sabali. 24-year-old Satu Sabali is in her third season with the Dallas Wings but is currently playing for the title with Fenerbahce in Turkey. Her sister, Niara, who is two years younger than her and ranked fifth in this year’s draft by the New York Liberty, will miss the season completely with a knee injury.


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