What hair extension options are available?

for one hair extention you can between different possibilities Choose. All methods have in common that real hair or synthetic hair works in existing hair. The technical term for hair extensions is extensions. With selected additives, you can lengthen or thicken your hair.

In order for the result to look perfect, we recommend going to the hairdresser. We’ve summarized the possibilities waiting there for you.

These hair extensions are there

If you grow your hair with extensions, you don’t have to wait weeks or even months to get a new hairstyle. There are several ways to thicken and lengthen hair.

  • Bonding accessories: This method lasts the longest – up to six months. Hair extensions are made into the hair with the help of wax and heat tongs.
  • Microring Accessories: Here the hair strands are attached to your hair with micro rings. Individual hair strands are separated. A small loop is inserted into a special needle. It has a hook which is then opened. The hair extensions and micro rings are the same thickness. Then the extension is tied into the real thread. The ring is smashed and covered with silicone. These hair extensions last up to six weeks.
  • clip attachments: You can do this hair extension yourself. Sections are attached to extensions. You can stick the clips in your hair, but below the top of the hair. This is fast and can be removed again in a short time after use.
  • Tape Accessories: The adhesive strips are attached at the beginning of the extensions. It is glued around your hair. You need some skills and practice to install it yourself. However, professionals are now also accustomed to the method in the hairdressing business. Everything went on for eight weeks. Then the adhesive bandage is replaced and the hair strand is reused.
  • fabric: This is the gentle way. The professional weaves horizontal braids into your hair along the length of the scalp. They are called cornrows in technical terms. Then the wefts of real hair are sewn. The result lasts up to eight weeks.
  • lace closure: This poetic piece sewn into it. The fabric gives a more natural look. This is a fine mesh in which the hair strands are manually attached. This is no longer visible on the head later. It is important that the net works well and follows the course of your hair.
  • Aura Extensions / Facial Extensions: You only need a piece of felt for this. It attaches to the top hair in a matter of seconds. To do this, put the weft on your head. Then pull your hair through the tail comb.
  • pieces of hair: You can buy whole hair pieces as a gift, bun or braid. You can simply attach them with a clip or Velcro. You can use this method yourself at home. A hair piece made of your own hair works best.

For whom are accessories suitable?

With extensions you can lengthen and thicken your hair with select inserts. Women with thinning hair in particular want more volume for their heads. With them, not only long, but also shorter strands are made on thin hair. This supports the upper hair from the bottom. So the head hair looks thicker in the end.

However, if the hair is too thin, the extensions will not make sense. They are usually very heavy and fall off. Plus, you can see the “wrong” hair glisten from under the top layer, which doesn’t look cute.

It is best to get advice from a specialist in the barbershop. With thinning hair, some trial extensions are usually used. If your hair is stable enough, more extensions can be used or you have already had the desired success with some extensions or thickening.

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