The Sports Committee approves sports financing for clubs

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The Sports Committee approves the financing of Krefeld clubs

The City of Krefeld has agreed to fund Krefeld Sports Clubs. Clubs want to use the funds to renovate hall floors, buy a laser boat, or buy an overhead beam.

(RP) At its most recent meeting, the City of Krefeld Sports Committee approved funding for several Krefeld clubs in the “Krefeld macht Sport II” programme. A total of 450 thousand euros is available in the budget of sports clubs in 2022.

Krefeld sports clubs can apply for this purpose: the range of approved procedures range from laser boats to scoreboards to slalom gates. This also documents the diversity of the sporting scene in Krefeld.

In another decision, the Sports Committee also approved the administrative proposal to use the flat rate for sports for 2022 and 2023. The funding pool is for major projects, and the city council ultimately decides how to use the funds. “We are pleased with the broad approval by the politicians in the Sports Committee. The funding is a direct investment for all the athletes in Krefeld. Markus Schön, city manager and head of the sports department, emphasized that the money goes where it is needed.”

Oliver Klostermann, Head of Sports and Sports Finance, presented the Krefeld macht Sport considered funding to the committee. “It was especially important to us that the application process be simple and transparent in the new procedure,” emphasized Oliver Klostermann.

This is how the athletics department in Hoyler SV 2,059 euros to buy a new throwing ring.

subordinate Krefeld Tennis Club 1984 He received a grant of 7,500 euros to build a tennis court. Such a system is especially suitable for school sports. The total cost is 74,942 euros.

The Bocomer Bulldogs Receive a subsidy of €1,876 for new protective equipment for young people and the purchase of hockey pitches and hockey balls.

subordinate PSV Halls 1898 He receives 7,500 euros to modernize the shooting range. The total expected costs here are 16,969 euros.

tennis section Hoyler SV He receives a grant of 7,500 euros to build a scout system. The total cost is 14,500 euros.

subordinate 1. Crefelder SC 1987 – Ski Bears He receives 7,500 euros for the purchase of a new scoreboard. Expected total costs are 16,285 euros.

The Red White Billiards Association You will receive €7,500 subsidy for the purchase of pool tables and new materials as well as the renewal of covers. The total costs here are 11,730 euros.

The Krefeld Ravens Receive a subsidy of €7,500 for equipment rental that can be provided to socially disadvantaged children and youth in particular.

The TC Stadtpark Fischeln Funded with €7,500 for the digitization and modernization of a tennis court (Wingfield Court).

To buy a rowing boat, purchased Krefeld Rowing Club 1883 A total of 7,500 euros in funding.

subordinate MTV Krefeld He receives 1,959 euros in funding for the purchase of a training beam and trawl.

subordinate TC . forest It is funded in the amount of 2890 euros for the purchase of new training materials.

boat section KTSV Prussia It receives 2,850 euros in financing to purchase new targets for the winding zigzag as well as compartments and sliding doors.

To renovate the floor of the hall, Horse riding club Bayer Uerdingen 7500 euros in financing.

subordinate Krefeld Sailing Club He receives 4,800 euros in financing for the purchase of a laser boat.

subordinate SC Victoria Krefeld It is funded by €7,500 for the purchase of containers of materials. The total cost is 7,890 euros.

subordinate Fever Krefeld He will receive funding of 6,834 euros for the purchase of new training materials.

of money from the mathematical constant rate, the SV Bayer 08 Uerdingen For 2022 and 2023, in addition to funds already available, €350,000 per year for renovation measures at the association’s Am Waldsee facility. Funding for 2023 is subject to a similar allocation of funds to the City of Krefeld.

The SV Bayer club – which has 10,000 members and is the largest swimming club in Germany and the club with the largest number of members in Krefeld – wants to use the funding to rehabilitate swimming infrastructure in particular. In general, the amount of investment in SV Bayer will be about four million euros.

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