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Stuttgart (dpa/tmn) – It hasn’t been easy for Star Wars fans in recent years. The film’s supplemental trilogy is rotten and hardly any video game revamped a decent broadcast series like “The Mandalorian.”

A rare glimmer of hope: Traveler’s Tales development studio. For over 15 years, they have regularly made fun supplies with Lego toys in the Star Wars universe.

Instead of war pity and melodramatic family banter, Luke Skywalker and his friends in “Lego Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga” get a great deal of self-irony. The combination of combat, skill tests and collecting game can be based on an audience of millions of different age groups. “The Skywalker Saga” offers more action than its predecessors without sacrificing the well-known humor of the series.

Once upon a time in the distant future

The Skywalker Saga tells the full story of the blockbuster saga in a nutshell. In the nine episodes of the movie saga, Luke, Yoda and Rey chase space, battle evil Stormtroopers, learn about the power of the Jedi and destroy a Death Star.

Almost every character and every spaceship appears in the Star Wars universe and guarantees nostalgic moments for fans big and small. If you want, you can also go out in pairs and experience the adventure on a split screen from the couch.

Comically, it’s a typical action adventure from a shoulder perspective. Fans run as one of the famous Star Wars characters and engage in exciting battles with the Empire. Using explosives or a lightsaber, they jump over their opponents and use their power abilities to send enemies flying.

Various vehicles such as ground gliders or massive fighting machines called AT-AT flatten whatever comes in their way under the player’s control.

The missions themselves are simple summaries of iconic moments from the movie saga. Most of the time it comes down to successfully progressing to the end of the section. Highlighting the boss’ battle against Darth Vader or other known villains in the series.

Funny action scene with a lot of winking

But as militaristic as this may sound – like its predecessors, the game is not a brutal action, but an endearing adventure with a Lego look. Where pathos and drama dominate the originals, Traveler’s Tales breaks even the bleakest moments with irony.

Stormtroopers fall like dominoes during the show, Darth Vader treats himself to a hot coffee before his first mission and in a space battle hostile spaceships push each other out of the way in slapstick fashion.

Lego wouldn’t be Lego if players couldn’t enjoy dividing a large portion of the environment into small Lego building blocks. They not only bring a lot of money to unlock new characters, but also form the basis for building new equipment. The station is often missing to open the path or a cannon to take out a particularly stubborn opponent like the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Players do not have to prove any special skill when building – everything happens with the press of a button. Unfortunately, more typical Lego crafting fun would have given the game some other pluses.

Important: teamwork and special skills

In many moments, the special abilities of the characters are important. Han Solo is a skilled marksman, who shoots targets in slow motion. Jedi Apprentice Rey uses her powers of strength to build small towers to reach higher ground. Stormtroopers throw grenades and robots like R2-D2 to open new paths with a small key puzzle on the stations.

This offers many fun possibilities. Some of these skills can be upgraded with the LEGO bricks you collect. BUT: It takes tens of hours for players to unlock all the characters and abilities. Some areas can only be visited with the right hero, who unlocks new areas with his skills. This is why the game is not over yet after the victory over the evil empire.

Free to play allows you to explore and test your hero’s abilities without time pressure. What prospective Jedi Knights should not expect: A terrifying grand challenge. Nobody can die here and the battles are easy to master even for inexperienced players.

“Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” focuses on uncomplicated fun, which young and old can enjoy in a good, timeless Lego look on both old and new consoles. Colorful animation fun for the whole family.


“Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” from Traveler’s Tales published by Warner Bros. Interactive. It can be played on PC, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series and Nintendo Switch. It costs about 60 euros. USK: From 12 years old.

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