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The first European final in 42 years, storming the pitch and overflowing with emotion: Eintracht Frankfurt once again showed how much the club, city and fans love the Europa League. Final deduction makes perfect kitsch.

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Eintracht’s full attack after the match against West Ham

Oliver Glasner

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Things were getting tougher into the middle of the night when Kevin Trapp delivered crucial words to his coach late on Thursday night, more than an hour after the final whistle in Eintracht Frankfurt’s 1-0 win over West Ham United. “Today everyone can celebrate,” the goalkeeper said loudly, “just to calmly push a little more and look at Oliver Glasner: ‘So I guess so?! “

The Austrian grinned and shook his head briefly. After all, Borussia Mönchengladbach is a guest in Frankfurt on Sunday. But the obvious result immediately followed: “Everyone should enjoy this evening, I’ll treat myself to a few drinks.”

You just have to celebrate the festivals as they come. And there was no better reason to have a cold drink or two in Frankfurt for a long time than to reach the Europa League final. To be precise: since 1980. “We are in a European final for the first time in 42 years,” Trapp summed up vividly. “It’s something very special. For me it is the best match of my career.” Eintracht makes history.

West Ham Station: The White Wall

Previously, the Hessians beat the seventh-placed side in the Premier League in a match that wasn’t always top quality, but very emotional, and they truly earned their place in the final with a combination of courage, total commitment and a lot of heart. In terms of football, there were definitely Eintracht’s best matches this season, but the passion I’ve felt throughout this season made the difference in the end. “Mathematical analysis can be neglected today, and emotions prevail,” Glasner emphasized. No one will forget this evening.

The fireworks of said emotions had already started 30 minutes before kick-off. Dressed in white and arriving at the stadium unusually early, Eintracht fans cheered loudly even as they warmed up and unleashed the power that defines European Cup evenings in Frankfurt from the stands. The fans at The Curve and the players on the pitch once again managed to create a symbiosis and dazzle West Ham both visually and acoustically. The white wall is the final stop.

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Red card, goal, celebration – to hear the highlights of Eintracht’s victory

Eintracht West Ham

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After the final whistle, all the dams are broken

The mood, fueled by the northwest curve’s choreography, was dampened by an early thigh injury and the (eighth) replacement of crowd favorite and defense chief Martin Hinterger. In the end, a red card against West Ham’s Aaron Cresswell for an emergency brake (17) and Raphael Bure’s opening goal shortly afterwards (26) finally turned the field into a crazy house. “I just noticed how important this match is to the fans,” Trapp said. I rarely hear anything as loud as today.

After the final whistle, everyone present was able to see and unleash how happy the fans were in regards to the journey to the final. Hessians fans, standing inside directly behind the billboard in the final minutes of the match, stormed the field at the final whistle, as in the previous promotion or no-relegation finals, throwing their arms around their champions. Some rotten elements were built in front of the London guest curve, here and there there were minor skirmishes with the police, but in general even a square storm fit this evening.

“The fans wanted to share their gratitude with us, my kids were also on the pitch with me. Those were great moments, they caught on,” the somewhat realistic Glasner emphasized. “This love, this passion for the fans, this is extraordinary,” added his sporting director, Marcus Kroes. In a relationship like the one between Eintracht and the European League, emotions boil over. The highlight of this road trip across Europe is yet to come: on May 18th in Seville.

Rangers complete their ultimate dream

The opponents then, and of course it couldn’t have been otherwise this evening, are the Glasgow Rangers. At the same time as Eintracht’s success, the legendary club of Scotland knocked out the lesser known club of Leipzig from the competition, thus making the ultimate dream a perfection. “In the end, tradition plays against tradition, these are world-class,” said President Peter Fischer, probably speaking from the spirit of the fans. Eintracht vs Rangers in the final for an international title. Not much more is possible.

And since preparations for the big event, still two meaningless Bundesliga games and 12 nights of sleep, couldn’t start soon enough, Glasner put the party on hold for a bit towards the end of the evening. “I haven’t given a day off tomorrow, we meet at 12 noon for a run in the woods. The boys will definitely have to get a little tired.”

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