Seaborn Festival 2022 in Colognesborn: What visitors need to know

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Seaborn Festival in Colognesborn: What visitors need to know

Ostseebad Kuhlungsborn.Sports and fun on the beach: that’s what the Seaborn Festival in Kuehlungsborn promises. The hands-on festival had already celebrated its premiere in the Baltic Sea resort in 2018, but it was not held again after that due to Corona. Now things have changed. “The site at that time was in the harbour, now upon arrival at Beach 27 is at the end of the camp site,” says Karsten Jurk, Events Manager at Tourismus, Freizeit und Kultur GmbH. Unlike last time, it is not possible to camp there because there is no free lawn. However, the camp site has set aside a small selection of places for festival visitors. Otherwise, they can rent apartments or hotels. And the organizers have also come up with something special: “We want to pitch some tents on the beach so we can then drag.”

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The organization of the festival has also changed. “At the time we did it with Supreme Surf, this time we’re doing it on our own,” says Karsten Jurk. “Our partner is Oceanblue Water Sports School from Rerik.” It also operates the sports beach in Kühlungsborn. The company also participated in the recent Seaborn Festival. “They do the water side,” says Karsten York. But the planning and execution of the project was also in the hands of Rericker. They also set up workshops with TFK.

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At the recent Seaborn Festival in Kühlungsborn, try Fabian and Shanice’s hula hop.

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From fishing to astronomy to yoga

Additional partners can be gained for this. Torsten Dunkelmann, organizer of the hiking event Dein Ostseeweg, offers hiking. Participants can also attend a fishing workshop with Heinz Galling. He is known for his “Rute out, the fun begins!” On NDR TV. Dr. Ronald Exman, a staff member at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Cologsborn, looks up at the sky with festival participants and explains something about astronomy. Other workshops deal with beach hairstyles and beach bag making. Yoga is also on the programme. And of course water sports: stand up paddle boarding, sailing and windsurfing. There are a total of 20 of these courses over three days. “Some are free,” says Karsten York. For others, a fee of between 5 and 15 euros must be paid.

Registration is possible via the website, where tickets are also available. Of course, you can also register for on-site workshops, says Carsten York – if there is still a place available. Entry is free for children up to six years old. You can also participate in workshops. “Some of them are kid-friendly,” says Karsten York. As an example mention the necklace and drawing stones.

This is how much tickets cost

The Seaborn Festival takes place June 17-19 at Strandzugang 27 in Kuehlungsborn. Admission daily from 8.30 am. The festival site is open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday and until 6pm on Sunday. A weekend ticket costs 49 euros. Children from 6 to 12 years old pay 19 euros. A day pass is available for 19 euros for children and costs 9 euros. It is available at You can also register for the workshops here.

The ticket price includes rental of kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards and pedal boats.

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Garbage collection in the morning

Saturday and Sunday start early. The day begins at 9 am for the participants to collect the trash together. “We’ll do a beach cleanup every morning,” says Karsten York. “We try to make the whole festival sustainable,” he says. For example, there will only be 300 tickets for the weekend. “We focused on families.” The festive character of the latest Seaborn Festival is no longer the case this year. It shouldn’t be boring anyway. The guitar duo will be playing Friday night, and a karaoke show at the beach is scheduled for Saturday night. At sunset, the day should end quietly around the campfire. There is also a silent cinema, beach sauna, and ball pool. Festival participants can fortify themselves with burgers – with and without meat – crepes, ice cream and drinks.

“The festival is like a whole remake,” says Karsten York. It should be a fixed point in the Cologsbourne calendar of events. “It’s exactly what people want: to be with the family, to be outside, to be active.”

by Cora Meyer

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