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After two defeats in the German League, RB Leipzig did not perform better in the European League in Glasgow. After the second half of the season, which has been compelling thus far, the Saxons are threatened with a bitter end to the season.

When Leipziger, still deeply disappointed with humid and gray Glasgow, leaves it is nothing short of saving the season.

With the end of the European League at Rangers, RB Leipzig bet not only on the first European title in the club’s history, but also on Plan B to enter the Champions League. The Saxons no longer have the natural route to the Premier League through the Bundesliga in their hands, so the mood in the team and especially in the executive wing is correspondingly tense.

“We still have two matches in the Bundesliga where we may qualify for the Champions League,” said club president Oliver Mintzlaff. Missing the final in Europe, “You have a clear mind and not another difficult burden before the cup final. We’ll look for a little straw.” One could also say that Leipzig has to stick with it.

Laimer: ‘Maybe we’re too nice’

Three days before the Cup final on May 21 in Berlin against Freiburg, right-back RB still wanted to play for Sevilla in the Europa League. But in the thrilling Ibrox match, Leipzig was greatly influenced by the atmosphere, betting a 1-0 lead from the first leg at 1:3 and ending the evening as a deserved loser.

After that, RB pretty much dispensed with the usual phrases that they were still a young team and had to gain experience. “Basically, we’ve been through such situations a lot and we’ve always made the same mistakes, including childish ones,” said midfielder Konrad Laimer. “Now is the time to learn from it and make it more loot. Maybe we’ll be too nice, then don’t play a game like that.”

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Leipzig bet away from home in Glasgow for the first time in the final

The cup final will now be withdrawn. But Leipzig actually miss the top flight – Freiburg have to win both games – a win in Berlin against Breisgauer could be a consolation prize. The club may not necessarily need the Champions League financially, but it certainly needs to keep the current squad and then strengthen it.

Now required Tedesco as a Crisis Manager

In the past few weeks, Mintzlaff has repeatedly emphasized that top scorer Christopher Nkunko, who has been restricted until the summer of 2024, will surely be retained. When losing the first degree, the question naturally arises as to what arguments should be used to do so. The same applies to Laimer, whose contract expires a year ago. The 24-year-old has matured into one of Europe’s top stalkers and understandably wants to play on the bigger stage. Laimer is currently in no hurry to sign a new contract.

With the general situation tense, coach Domenico Tedesco has to show what he can do as a crisis manager. So far, his tenure in Leipzig has been a fairy tale. His team did not lose 15 consecutive matches, the first in the second half of the table, and reached the semi-finals in Europe in addition to the cup final. Now Sunday against FC Augsburg should show just how stable the foundation Tedesco has already formed.

The 36-year-old maneuvered into an uncomfortable position. Ahead of the Rangers game, Tedesco said it was still “a great, great season” even if “we’ve lost every game now”. The executive floor should have a different opinion and also inform Tedesco.

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