Human rights have nothing to do with culture or opinion

Like most people, I know the term “culture war” only from the history chapter, and it’s something to do with Bismarck and Catholics. However, I had to realize that, especially in the English-speaking world, the “culture war” and its excesses play an increasingly important role in everyday politics. And since it is well known that trends from the United States wish to end up in Europe, I would like to take a precautionary approach to this topic.

Two examples: “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) is a set of jurisprudential theories developed in the 1970s that, roughly speaking, deal with structural racism in the United States. Please note: This is a theory for legal scholars in universities.

Fox News wants to scare readers

But if you search for it on Fox News, for example, the largest right-wing news portal in the US that a judge has confirmed as untrustworthy, you’ll find heaps of articles simply pointing out or claiming it. CRT is taught in public schools. This is nonsense, of course, but that doesn’t stop Fox News from intimidating and pitting its readers against it.

Lennart Munstermann is 21 years old and studying International Logistics Management at Jade University in Ellsfleth. Since January, he has been attending a semester abroad in California, USA. The most important thing for him is when people try to understand each other and not just judge from their own point of view.

The second example also affects Germany: the rights of transgender people. For example, the claim that recognition of transgender rights leads to a series of sexual crimes by trans women, real or disguised, against children in public restrooms is of course entirely ridiculous. Not only is there no evidence for it, but the logic is also insane: the (updated) sex offender can’t be stopped in her hustle and bustle by the fact that she’s not allowed into the toilet of her choice if she’s planning a crime there anyway to commit.

Politically right-wing groups want to capitalize on votes

A bank thief cannot be prevented from robbing a bank because of a stolen car or illegal possession of a weapon. This brings me to my actual point that this “culture war” is merely an attempt by the political right to steal votes through hatred and fear, knowingly and willingly accepting the deaths of members of marginalized groups. Because what are trans rights activists really about? Can transgender people molest children without harassment or can gender reassignment surgery be performed on minors, suggests far-right news portal Breitbart? Of course not, it’s about acceptance!

Human rights have nothing to do with culture or opinion

So that transgender people are not just shot on the street, so that the path of transition does not become unnecessarily difficult for them, and that they, like everyone else, are accepted for what they are. It’s not a position to argue with, it’s human rights and human rights that have nothing to do with culture or opinion. And anyone who wants to withhold and deny the rights of their fellow human beings simply has no place in a democracy.

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