Happening in Stuttgart-Vaihingen: The city’s first festival in a private place – Vaihingen

Allmand-Chaoten (here on show in Vaihinger Frühling in May 2017) also wants to be part of the city’s first festival at Vaihinger Stadtpark. Photo: Goetz Schulthes

After a forced break of two years, Stuttgart-Vehingen will throw a big party again. With a new name in a new place.

On the second and third of July, the residents of Vaihingen meet for the first city festival in the city park. In fact, it should be until 2020. The club ring completed all the preparations, then came the mandatory two-year rest period due to Corona. “We may only be a district, but we confidently call it Festival City Festival. It will definitely happen,” says district manager Kay Gehly-Mongenast, who is also president of Heimatring, a working group of all local clubs.

Because the festival costs a lot of money, the district’s advisory board recently funded the event with €20,000 from its own budget. Other sponsors come from the local economy. “The danger should not fall to the batons,” says Jahl Mongenast. That’s why they didn’t pay the parking fee.

The desire for the party appeared early

Jehle-Mungenast explains that for 50 years there has been a festival for children and patriotism in the region, at first with large processions: this festival was then discontinued due to the limits of volunteering, and changes in club life – perhaps also due to many conditions: “If you want to You block the main street for today’s move, you face a lot of bureaucratic hurdles.”

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When he began his position as county manager in Vaihingen, he was asked very early on to set up a festival again that would not take place in an area like Büsnau or Dürrlewang, but a festival in the centre. “We have deliberately given a different name and place so that no one would think that this is a continuation of the Children and Homeland Festival, because we live in a different time and the Homeland Festival will not be the same again. That is why you have to make a change and create something new,” says Jehle-Mungenast.

The place is now popular in Stuttgart-Weehingen

The city park plays an increasingly central role for the people of Vaihingen. One notes this because, for example, a beauty facility was created there on the initiative of the Youth Council. In addition, a table tennis table was added, and for the perceived safety of passersby, “dark corners were cleared” and a new lighting system was installed. The city park is very popular and serves people’s desire for eco: “That’s why it’s a good place for a city festival.”

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After two years of hesitation, Deputy District Manager Colin Haynes adds, the city’s festival is just right for bringing people together again. 30 clubs from the fields of sports, music, culture, youth, churches, the global store and the Muslim community are participating in the festival, each of which participated in a pavilion for food and drink or activities. There will also be two phases. “There is music with a Vaihingen background, which means that not all musicians live in Vaihingen, but they must have some connection to the area,” says Jehle-Mungenast.

How can the festival go on

Contributions come from clubs and bands, including a band from Lebenshilfe, youth band from the Lauchhau-Lauchäcker region, playgroup, Allmand-Chaoten or music school. This includes a festive band on Saturday evening, church service and Sunday fan appearances. The town also had very good contact with the Americans on site, who also wanted to take part in the festival. Your leader is very communicative. “Every booth that doesn’t sell food and drinks should offer hands-on activities like crafts or a competition so you can get a good stay,” says the area manager. After its success in July, the festival could take place every two years.

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