‘Germany’s Next Top Model’: Models are turning into competition mode

Updated on 05/06/2022 07:18

The 14th episode of “The Next German Supermodel” has the theme “Fencing Week”. Models play tennis and compete against each other on the track. Licelot has no chance against Lena on the tartan track, but the curvy little model has to go eventually. Meanwhile, the tone in the model villa intensified, and there was a rift between the best candidates.

Pour. shooting. walk. Pour. shooting. walk. The concept of “Germany’s next top model” is really not particularly diverse. The editors responsible for ProSieben casting content may have noticed this after 14 weeks. Then they thought, “Hey, today we’re going to do something completely different! We’ll let the models play tennis first and then run against each other on a tartan track.” After all, a solid backhand and a quick start are absolute core competencies for aspiring models.

Of course this was just for fun. Both sports have nothing to do with the typical job. Tennis and racing are still played Thursday night, which is why the 14th episode of the current season of GNTM brings back memories of the youth national matches. Appropriately, the candidates switch completely to competition mode.

After all, there were only eight contenders for the throne left. Since the tone is a little more intense, envy and resentment arise. This becomes apparent when Noëlla once again clears a job and is allowed to head to Coffee Milk in the future, which is also, coincidentally, an ad partner for GNTM and is frequently sipped by models in close-up shots in an ad-effective manner. In any case, Vivian was not at all enthusiastic about choosing Nola. “I have to accept that now,” she says, and she doesn’t even try to be happy with her co-worker.

The best players attack each other: Zoff between Martina and Licelot

The last two remaining top models also extend their claws. Ingratitude is unattractive, says Martina, meaning Leslot, who has often been accused by other candidates of being somewhat lax in her work attitude. Lislott also tried her luck as a coffee amulet, but didn’t get the job. While the jury suspects Licelot didn’t really get the job done, the 66-year-old blames a wall of writing that was meant to serve as the backdrop and that simply didn’t suit her. Martina does not like these excuses at all.

How can I explain that other than saying, ‘I don’t want to be a model for this client?’ “For me, that’s ungrateful to gratitude and disrespect,” added Martina, a visibly enraged Austrian. “I find your explanation really deceptive, and that’s a real assumption,” added Martina. “Stop!” .

It’s really fitting that the episode’s tagline is “Dueling Week.” However, the opportunity to allow Licelot and Martina to settle their differences on the tennis court was missed. Licelot competes with Lina and Martina against Vivian. Of course, it’s not so much about sports as it is about looking your best in tennis. Heidi Klum tweets: “Tennis buds are in great demand right now, is one of my models shooting themselves today?”

Supermodels struggle with tennis

Not out of bounds, but Vivian hits a tennis ball herself in the face. Which Heidi Klum finds very funny. “I give you a little tip,” says guest juror and veteran GNTM attendant Thomas Hayo and rushes to help Vivian. What appears has nothing to do with real tennis. Vivian still wins against Martina because the best model doesn’t hit the ball well and doesn’t look particularly comfortable and good.

If you think about the amazing shootouts that were happening at GNTM, the idea of ​​tennis seems pretty boring in general. Klum, Hayo, and photographer Max Montgomery are still excited about the photos. Montgomery even testifies that Noella is his best model ever at “Germany’s Next Top Model” They photographed it. Thus, the 25-year-old Berliner could be chosen as the favourite, but only Licelot could win the bid this year. Because Licelot can do whatever she wants. In the end, you always come out on top.

Lieselotte loses and praises

Licelot’s performance on Thursday in a nutshell: She’s not hitting balls in tennis and standing on her dress. She does not know Thomas Hayo’s first name and keeps calling him Hayo. In the act of acting, she missed the point. In the enemy duel with Lena, she was often left behind. And who gets eliminated in the end? Exactly Lena.

“I floated along a tartan track,” lauds Thomas Hayo of the slow-moving Licelot. Heidi Klum adds, “You looked so beautiful, I fell in love with you a little bit more today.” But the idolatry and preference given to the best-advanced candidate became an absurd thing.

After all, Lena takes it relatively easily. Perhaps the curvy little model knew anyway that she wouldn’t stand a chance against Licelot. There are now seven candidates left who will have to compete against each other in next week’s penalty shootout match. Being brave, you see Licelot squabbling and crying and Heidi Klum saying her famous sentence: “I don’t have a picture of you!”. But let us not deceive ourselves. Somehow the 66-year-old will survive this challenge. After 14 weeks of ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’, we all know how it goes.


In 2006, the first season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” appeared on television. There are now 16 winners from 16 seasons of Show ProSieben. That’s what today’s casting program winners do.

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