Corona in Lower Saxony: the new quarantine rules – you need to know it

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Corona in Lower Saxony: here is an overview of all the news

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Friday May 6

7:55 p.m. New quarantine rules from Saturday

Anyone infected with the coronavirus must be isolated for only five days in Lower Saxony as of tomorrow. The prerequisite is that patients be free of symptoms within the 48 hours prior to the end of the period. The Hanover Health Department announced this on Friday. As expected, the state government is implementing a recommendation from the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

However, the Minister in charge of Lower Saxony, Daniela Behrens (SPD), stressed that she is recommending all infected people end their isolation only after a negative rapid test in order to protect others from infection. Negative testing remains mandatory for employees in the healthcare sector and in nursing homes and nursing homes before they can return to work.

Raising the obligation to quarantine people who can be contacted. Instead, there is an urgent call to test yourself for five days and reduce your contacts as much as possible. With this move, Lower Saxony is following the recommendations of the RKI and the federal government.

“In light of our good vaccination rate, the relatively mild course of the disease due to omicron variants and the mitigation associated with the health system, we can represent these adjustments in dealing with Covid in the current situation,” said the Minister of Health. Byrnes.

Thursday May 5

6.14 a.m.: “Live Infection” – Byrnes with words of caution

In light of the fact that masks are no longer mandatory in most regions, Lower Saxony’s Health Minister Daniela Behrens has called on people to use face masks voluntarily. “I think the mouth and nose covering is an excellent and simple tool to break the chain of infection and to protect yourself. Therefore, I can only appeal to everyone to continue to wear masks when shopping and at indoor events with many people,” the SPD politician said in an interview with “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). “After all, we still have a live outbreak of infection in Lower Saxony,” added the department head.

At the same time, Byrnes advocated ending mandatory testing in schools and day care centers. “I think this is justified,” the minister said, who does not expect to be re-introduced any time soon. “In my view, given the summer months, there are no indications of a return to compulsory testing in schools and day care centres.”

The minister critically admitted that the state was very reluctant to start mobile vaccination teams. “With the knowledge we have today, we could have started earlier to approach people with our vaccination offerings. However, at the time, we didn’t know how stable the vaccine would be during transport and how it would behave with refrigeration. We are smarter today.”

The state will continue to announce corona vaccinations in the coming weeks, but Byrnes does not expect much success: “Unfortunately, we have to realize that we simply can’t reach or convince some people. But every vaccine matters, and I’m glad everyone out of 700,000 Someone who is not vaccinated in Lower Saxony we can still convince them to vaccinate.”

Monday 2 May

9:05 p.m.: Aura’s isolation should come shorter

It is expected to shorten the period of isolation scheduled for people infected with corona in Lower Saxony at the end of the week. In the future, nationwide isolation of people with corona could generally end after five days – with a negative “strongly recommended” test at the end. These are new guidelines that the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) should publish on Monday, according to Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

The politician in the Social Democratic Party reiterated that the isolation must continue by order of the health authorities. So far, it has usually lasted ten days and can end with a negative test seven days earlier. Concrete implementation as recommended by the RKI and the Federal Ministry is up to the federal states. Many federal states have already implemented abbreviated seclusion – for example Bavaria.

Lower Saxony Health Minister Daniela Behrens (SPD) said last week that the corresponding law regulating coronavirus isolation in the state should be changed when recommendations became available. She assumed that the abbreviated isolation rule could go into effect later this week.

Friday April 29

6.24 am: Corona test obligation ends in schools and nurseries

The obligation to test for corona in day care centers and schools in Lower Saxony ends today. According to the culture ministry, there will be no testing commitment for school and daycare visits from Monday. Those who wish to test themselves will receive three test sets per week in May. This applies to all school children and children in day care centers from the age of three. The ministry had already announced these changes. The mask requirement has already expired.

As an added protection after the Easter holiday, Lower Saxony has imposed a daily testing requirement for all schoolchildren, and since mid-February, children over three have been tested three times a week for daycare visits.

In response to a question from the German News Agency (dpa), Education Minister Grant Hendrik Ton (Social Democratic Party) confirmed that withdrawing most of the Corona requirements will restore a sense of normalcy again. Children and youth, in particular, “with significant restrictions such as school closures, lessons rotation, mask wearing and compulsory testing, have done the most to slow the epidemic and protect others.”

However, the current infection figures show quite clearly that the epidemic has not yet been overcome. “So if you want to wear a mask at school voluntarily or want to get yourself tested regularly before going to school or daycare, you can of course do that.”

Wednesday 27 April

10.18 am: About 500,000 people in Lower Saxony are vaccinated against corona for the fourth time

About 500,000 people in Lower Saxony have so far received the fourth vaccination against the coronavirus. This was announced by the Ministry of Health in Hanover in response to a question by the German News Agency (dpa). So a large part of the vaccination, with about 390,000 vaccinations, was done by residents. According to the Lower Saxony Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVN), more than 80 percent of people vaccinated by resident physicians were over 60 years old. According to the ministry, about 110,000 people have been vaccinated through mobile vaccination teams.

Vaccinations in pharmacies are not included in the total of the four vaccinations provided by the Ministry. According to the Chamber of Pharmacists, there were just over 7,000 by the beginning of April, but this also includes the first, second or third vaccination.

Since mid-February, the Standing Committee on Immunization (Stiko) has been advising certain groups to get the fourth vaccination in light of the omicron wave: people over 70 years of age, residents of care facilities and people with immunodeficiency from the age of five.

The fourth vaccinations against corona were not reported in the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) vaccination overview. According to the RKI, the first, second and third vaccinations account for a total of about 17.2 million vaccine doses in the state. Nearly 79 percent of Lower Saxony’s eight million residents have been vaccinated once against the coronavirus, about 78 percent are considered basic vaccinations with two vaccines and about 64 percent have had their first booster vaccine. With relevant values, Lower Saxony is above the national average.


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