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It was a sign of luxury and respect that Pep Guardiola (51), at the time of yet another bitter defeat, perhaps the most painful of all time, kept his front, giving Carlo Ancelotti (62) a warm hug, and then walked onto the pitch. With his head held high. Congratulations to the Real Madrid players, resting his stars.

Less than an hour later, more honest images could be seen. Pictures showing how the Manchester City coach actually dealt with bankruptcy in Madrid. When the coach felt most likely not being watched by the cameras. BT Sport television showed Guardiola sitting alone in the dugout, with Ancelotti’s press conference on a screen next to him. Pep looked deep in thought and introverted and buried his face in his left hand. He shook his head, spoke to himself, staring into space. express bewilderment.

The dream of winning the Champions League with the citizens. It exploded again in a painful way.

The seventh attempt also failed. As before, three attempts with Bayern Munich to get the handle of fate.

And again headlines from Guardiola, the failed genius. Guardiola, the unfulfilled promise.


City project “failed”
Reeve: A difficult judgment for Guardiola!

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What’s Next? Are you going at all?

Guardiola said months ago that he would leave City after his contract expired in 2023. He wants to coach a national team.

But: English media reported that the end at Real Madrid could change the situation. For example, the “Daily Star” wrote that Guardiola could still extend his contract. He wants to take on the challenge of rebuilding the team and removing the (renewed) divide.

A column in the Daily Mail said: “Reclaiming Manchester City after the fall of Madrid will be the biggest challenge in Pep Guardiola’s career! Jurgen Klopp has already done it with Liverpool.”

Does the beep turn already exist?

An important component of the new start, who is on the verge of moving from Dortmund to Manchester, is likely to be striker Erling Haaland. The arrival of the chubby striker will force Guardiola to rethink tactically – the coach has rarely played the classic number 9 in the past.

In addition, the famous newspaper “The Times” reported that City is also interested in Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong (24). The Dutchman is being traded as a possible successor to Fernandinho (37), whose contract expires at the end of the season. De Jong is also circulating as a potential new signing in the neighboring city of United. Does Pep intervene?

Unlike in previous years, there is absolutely no blame on the coach’s direction in exiting the Champions League. Unlike the year before, when he picked a surprise squad in the final against Chelsea without a defensive midfielder – and he bet. Unlike in 2020, when he surprisingly played not in a well-rehearsed 4-3-3 system against Lyon in the quarter-finals, but in 3-5-2 – and failed hard.


After winning the city
Real stars celebrate wild samba party

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Pep is still a genius in training. no doubt. He was a three-time English champion with City, winning the FA Cup once and the League Cup four times. But at a club that demands that Manchester City spend it on Manchester City transfers, international titles are the currency – and Pep has yet to pay for it.

Now Guardiola’s first task is to get the players back on their feet. Pep said after the Real Madrid match that it would take “a day or two” before she could focus on the tasks ahead again. Then the focus should return to the Premier League. Manchester still has a lot to do. City leads the standings by a point over Liverpool. Four matches remain against Newcastle, West Ham, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton. It would be a disaster if ManCity faltered and beat Liverpool. A defeat that would take more than a day or two for Guardiola…

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