The instructors say that the difficulty of the new raid is great, but one thing is to eavesdrop on it

With the legendary Mega Raids, Pokémon GO now has a level 6 raid difficulty for the first time. Some players are happy with it, others find it too fragile. But one thing bothers both factions.

what’s new? Since the beginning of the aerial event, there have been legendary massive raids for the first time. Previously, you could participate in Mega Raids, but without the legendary Pokémon. The debut of Mega Latios and Mega Latias was a big deal in the community. Because with the new bosses, the difficulty also increased.

Some coaches complain that the raids were too difficult. But another section says: The difficulty of the new raids is good but the rewards are not.

Are the new raids too difficult?

Here’s what coaches say about difficulty: In the first hours after the start of the six new raids it was clear: they had everything. The coaches warned that the new raids were really tough. Be careful not to play with random players in small groups, as doing so will only waste raid passes.

Many rural players who rely on remote raid invites suffer from the small team sizes that some raid assistance apps create. But there are also dissenting voices. Hotterpocketzz writes on reddit: It’s OK that Level 6 raids are really hard. He explains it as follows:

Love how hard these raids are. This game has never been a challenge outside of PvP, and for the first time in the game’s history, I have to think about making my team, coordinating with my friends, and convincing Megas to defeat the boss,” explains hotterpocketzz. This feature reminds him of raids from other MMOs, where he has to You have to reach out to solve problems. This will be Fresh Air and they hope the content will be used as the standard for heavy content in the future.” The rewards aren’t really great, but I hope so [Niantic sich darum kümmert]. “

For his opinion, the player receives a lot of positive feedback from the community.

“I don’t think this is so difficult [, die stört]It’s more frustrating than working with people who don’t know — or worse, don’t try — to make a good team. With a good group of people these raids are not a problem. If you are playing in a rural community or in an inactive pogo community and only have random raid apps that can help you, you can get frustrated very quickly,” _DRE_ wrote on reddit.

“The difficulty is good, but the coordination and communication within Pokémon GO is too weak to be worth the difficulty,” explains Lucricious1 on reddit.

“The difficulty is not my problem, but the amount of Premier balls is large,” writes R4KD05 on reddit. “I beat him in a good time, a very good time considering the health totals. We were more than 10 players. I used powerful counters and did a lot of damage and got 10 balls for her. That’s bullshit. I carry the same thing [Leistung] In a normal raid, I get 18 [Bälle]. “

What about rewards? The rewards and balls you get after winning are not good enough for the community. A major disruptive factor that players agree on.

Because you need more players for new raids and hit your pokemon bosses hard. So you use more revives and potions to feed the attackers back up. “The current raid reward packages with resuscitation and potions are completely unsustainable,” says reddit user Rockylizard.

According to the community, there are now not enough healing items required by powerful chiefs.

How do you feel about it? Do you think the difficulty of the new raids is good but the rewards are too few? Or are you not satisfied with the two points and want a completely different improvement? Write us your opinion of the new raids here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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