Sky Deals May 2022: All current discounts and promotions


With Sky offers in May 2022, new and existing customers can save. We disclose current costs and discount campaigns for your pay-TV service provider.

All Sky deals for this month. (Source: Sky)

In May 2022, you can again save money or receive rewards from pay-TV provider Sky through special offers and refer-a-friend ads. Current prices for all Sky packages and ongoing Sky Ticket discount campaigns can be found in our website overview.

Sky Offers: a quick overview of all Sky packages

The Sky Basic package becomes Sky Ultimate TV. The basic subscription consists of Sky Entertainment and a Netflix subscription as well as Sky Q, Sky Go and HD reception. In the cheapest version of Sky Ultimate TV for €20 you get the basic Netflix subscription, but you can also supplement your Sky subscription with an HD or UHD subscription from Netflix.

As usual, you can expand the base Sky package with Sky Cinema, Sky Bundesliga, Sky Sport and Sky Kids. Currently, you can save 50 percent when you book the premium packages.

Sky offers for new and existing customers

Packages are available at a fixed price on an annual subscription. Starting from the thirteenth month, you can automatically switch to a monthly subscription and can flexibly cancel your Sky package on a monthly basis. If you decide to extend your Sky membership for another annual subscription, you get another price advantage. The connection fee is waived.

You can find out the cost of the basic package and additional packages (called “Premium Packages” from Sky) from our list. In parentheses you will find the total price. Existing customers receive exclusive offers when booking additional packages.

Until July 4, 2022, you can save 50 percent when you book Sky Ultimate TV and at least one premium package. With this offer, the activation fee of €29 does not apply either.

Sky May 2022 price list

Sky provides these additional options

To get the most out of your Sky subscription, the provider offers three additional features: Sky Go Plus for 5 euros per month, multi screen for 10 euros per month, Ultra precision For 5 euros a month.

  • Sky Go Plus It allows you to use a total of three streams simultaneously via the Sky Go app. You can register five devices and change devices five times a month.
  • With multi screen You can watch Sky on additional TVs. This works via the Sky Q app and another Sky Q receiver or Sky Q Mini. So you can watch Sky on up to five devices at the same time, register five devices and make five changes per month.
  • The Ultra precision-The option to add provides you with Ultra HD quality. So you can watch approximately 130 sports events annually, 150 films and 10 Sky Originals in the best quality.

Sky Ticket Deals: An alternative that can be canceled per month

If you don’t want the 12-month subscription, you can also use a Sky replacement ticket, which can be canceled monthly. You can cancel your reserved tickets until the last day of validity, otherwise your ticket will be extended. Day and Week tickets expire automatically when they do.

Sky Entertainment and Sky Entertainment Ticket + Sky Cinema tickets are cheaper in the first month. You can only watch the latest blockbuster movies in a combination of Sky Entertainment Ticket + Sky Cinema Ticket.

  • Sky Entertainment ticket for 7.49€ (first month, then 9.99€)
  • Sky Entertainment 6-month tickets for €4.99 (from the seventh month €9.99 per month)
  • Sky Entertainment ticket + Sky Cinema ticket for 9.98€ (first month, then 14.98€)
  • Sky Entertainment + Cinema 6-month ticket for 7.49 (from the seventh month 14.98 € per month)
  • Sky Supersport ticket €29.99 per month
  • Sky Supersport 1 year pass €19.99 per month (afterwards €29.99 per month)

If you book a Sky Entertainment ticket with the O2 TV M + TV deal, you only need to pay €11.49 for the first 12 months instead of €12.48. You can also save with a Sky Cinema ticket. You can learn more on the campaign page.

Sky refers to a friend

If you are an existing Sky customer, you can also refer your friends and get rewards from Sky. You can get the rewards below for a successfully referred friend.

Sky offers for Telekom customers

Telekom customers also have the opportunity to use the new Sky offer. The minimum contract term is 12 months. If you do not cancel two months before the end of the contract period, the subscription will be automatically extended for another year at the same price. A clear advantage over booking directly with Sky. At the moment you get the first month for free.

There is no activation fee of €29. Sky HD is already included when booking Sky Cinema, Sky Sport and/or Sky Bundesliga.

Sky view at Telekom

Sky offers for Vodafone customers: Horizon TV Cable with Sky packages

Vodafone customers can easily add Sky packages to GigaTV cable and GigaTV cable including Vodafone Premium tariff.

If you get one or more Sky packages as a Vodafone customer, you get the packages without a Netflix subscription, but you also pay less than Sky Direct. An activation fee of €29 must be paid. Subscription can be canceled one month before the end of the minimum contract period.

Sky Extra is a pay-TV provider’s loyalty program. The longer you are a customer, the more benefits Sky wants to offer you. Membership is free for Sky customers. You can find out what additional status you have from our list.

  • Bronze (0-2 years old)
  • Silver (3-5 years)
  • Gold (6-9 years)
  • Platinum (+10 years)

The benefits that Sky-Extra offers you are individual and include special services, special terms for Sky products, exclusive offers for partners and the opportunity to participate in weekly competitions for exclusive events and experiences.

For example, Sky shows movie premieres on the red carpet and visits sporting events as a VIP. As a welcome gift, you can choose a movie from the Sky Store for free. This is then permanently available to you.

At the moment, you can secure a VIP experience, tickets included in the DFB Pokal Final, or a VIP experience in the DFB Pokal Women’s Final.

Sky Ultimate TV Shows: Best Deals for Entertainment Lovers

Sky is perfect for all series fans who want to watch series from HBO and many other US channels soon after they air in the US. You can also watch past seasons and stream Sky Originals productions.

Sky Entertainment is part of the Sky Basic subscription and is always included. The annual subscription costs €20 per month, the monthly subscription available from the thirteenth month costs €25 per month and can be canceled per month. Also includes a standard Netflix subscription. You can also choose a Netflix HD or Netflix UHD subscription for an additional fee.

Sky Film Shows: Sky Cinema brings cinema home

Film and cinema lovers with Sky Cinema Package Well served. With Sky Cinema, you can watch the latest Hollywood movies as exclusive TV shows and without ad breaks. If you want to book Sky Cinema in addition to the basic package with Sky Ultimate TV, you pay Annual subscription 25 euros per monthwith a monthly subscription from the thirteenth month, 37.50 euros per month.

Sky Sports Shows: Watch Football, Formula 1 and Tennis live

In the Sky Sports Package You can watch all UEFA Champions League matches in the original Sky Conference as well as most German singles games exclusively. You can also play all games German FA Cup individually and live at the original Sky Conference.

Next to football Waiting for you with messages Formula 1, handball, tennis and golf Variety of sports. If you book the sports package in addition to the basic package, you will pay in Annual subscription 22.75 euros per monthMonthly subscription from the thirteenth month 33 euros.

Sky Football offers: this is how you see the first and second league live

with the Sky Bundesliga . Package You can watch 266 matches from the German League and all the matches of the Second League directly and exclusively. Thanks to the Sky conference and featured videos, you won’t miss a goal. Together with Sky Ultimate TV, you can pay Annual subscription 26.25 € per monthWhile the total monthly subscription cost is 40 euros per month.

Sky Kids Offers: The New Extra Bundle for Kids

Sky offers an extra bundle for your kids and promises to deliver over 4,500 pieces of content A variety of series for your child. It also includes Nick Jr.’s linear TV channels. and Nicktoons, Junior, Boomerang, and Cartoon Network.

In the kids fashion Only Sky Kids content can be accessed. If you want to book the kids package as well as the entertainment package, you pay at Annual subscription 25 euros per monththen 35 euros in the subsequent monthly subscription.

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