On his 80th birthday: “Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Gerhard Bolt, but never dared ask!” | Bavaria 2 | radio

“When you are in vain, when you expect nothing, when you do nothing, this trust in God, this trust, this beautiful word – that there is also something positive, that is the great thing about me. Confidence is a crazy word to me. I am I get out of the house, but not with my head down because I’m sure the ceiling tiles won’t fall off now and break my skull. That’s cool, isn’t it?”

(Gerhard Bolt)

Walk with Gerhard Bolt and many more questions – raised by Campino, Louise Kenscher, Joseph Hader, Els Aigner and others

Authors Christoph Leibold and Gerhard Bolt during an interview at Josefstal

“Do you know any libezaners?” We asked Gerhard Bolt in an interview some time ago. “When he hears the music, he goes up the hill. It’s the air of a circus.” Talking about his art is unnecessary for Bolt.

The humorous force of nature has made one of the now rare exceptions to the Bavarian Vueltton and invited viewers to hike in the Josefstall valley behind Schliersee. In order to gradually finish the conversation while walking. However, out of fear that we, too, would only think of the same old, cliched questions that others had long asked, author Christoph Leibold allowed himself to be asked.

Fans, friends, and potential enemies of the great humorist asked him questions only to find out what they had always wanted to know about Gerhard Bolt but had never dared to ask before.

Gerhard Bolt on stage

When you face Gerhard Bolt on stage, you’re not seeing a talented actor. You live more than an overwhelming natural scenery.

From left: Gerhard Bolt and Christoph Weil.  (2017) |  Photo: BR/megaherz gmbh

Gerhard Bolt and Stoffel OK

“Well, Gerhard gives his numbers when I’m on stage and I always hear them – it’s never the same! For me, it’s like listening to a Mozart symphony. It’s different every evening. I have a few stories I’ve heard a hundred times but I still have to laugh” .

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Cabaret artist and actor Joseph Hader |  Photo: dpa-Bildfunk / Felix Hörhager

Cabaret artist Joseph Hader

“This short form, his theatrical monologue, is the ultimate achievement. And the way he can dissect people almost coldly, like an entomologist, and at the same time he has a lot of sympathy for these people… Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to play them like that, this combination of look Sometimes cold and enthusiasm for the abyss and also sympathy for these people, these are actually things you can’t do as a person at the same time. But he can do it.”

(Joseph Hader)

Bolt, benefactor

You can feel that Gerhard Bolt is really a benefactor when you walk with him in his hometown. The informal way people meet. Free from celebrity ambiance.

Hare Bolt, are you a benefactor?

“Yes, I think so. People have something interesting to me, in any way. You recognize yourself as a person. Sometimes you realize that you are logically different, but I mean, of course: I like people even if they are animal lovers!”

(Gerhard Bolt)

Bavarian Bolt

Campino, singer of the band

Campino, singer of “Totten Hussein”

“The main thing about Gerhard is that he is fascinated by his homeland, and he is also steeped in this Bavarian tradition, which he then mocks in a very good way. And even if you think he has a lot to do with the Bavarian and because he draws a lot of inspiration from him, his joke lines are useful in The end is for everyone and it has nothing to do with local problems at all, it’s just a philosophy – in my opinion.”

(Campino, singer and lead in ‘Toten Hosen’)

Ils Aigner (Speaker of the Bavarian State Parliament), December 2020. |  Photo: BR/Marcus Convalen

Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian State Parliament

“A big part of his show wouldn’t have happened if CSU hadn’t been around. He simply didn’t have a peer. But of course it hurts sometimes.”

(Elsie Aigner, Speaker of the Bavarian State Parliament)

Bolt and rest

Rest – as Bolt experiences it and embodies it – has nothing to do with rags, and has nothing to do with stagnation. Instead of calming down with a beer of almost meditative proportions, it approaches enlightenment.

Feel more comfortable in a beer garden: Poet Ernst Held (Gerhart Bolt) writes poetry in the film

Bolt in the beer garden – scene from the movie “Hair Uber!”

“Gerhard is simply a seeker of sheer pleasure. You cannot write or work with him unless it is clear where you are going to eat in the evening. Dinner has always been secured – and a fine restaurant, otherwise after breakfast there will be nothing to go.”

(Hans Weil, musician)

“If I have a hostel, a hostel owner, a hostel owner and so on, he brings you everything, and you can easily describe things and discuss people about them or have different opinions – yes, that’s a great idea, like this pub!”

(Gerhard Bolt)

Is there anything Bolt can’t do?

And now condolences to all ordinary cabaret artists. What cannot a man who can do everything do?

Actress and actress Louise Kencher |  Photo: dpa-Bildfunk / Tobias Hase

Cabaret artist Louise Kencher

“Maybe he can’t cook? Or… I think he can sing very well. Or… maybe he can’t play the violin or the piano? Then there is the question of whether he can draw. I don’t know either. Perhaps Gerhard Bolt secretly scribbled some pictures.” The hilarious in a notebook? I don’t know!”

(Louise Kinscher, cabaret artist and actress)

Bolt and his message

“If you wait for nothing or do not expect anything – this is how it is given to you. And then I think to myself: Look how nice it is, if I don’t have this job now, if I don’t ‘No now, if not So, not this and not that. that’s cool! All you can say is: Merci!”

(Gerhard Bolt)

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