NRW State Election 2022 – Minden-Lübbecke: All you need to know

Elections on May 15
What you need to know about the 2022 state elections in Minden Lübeck

North Rhine-Westphalia state elections imminent. On May 15, voters will decide who will enter the state parliament. This is also the case in Minden-Lübbecke. Who managed to win the most votes last time? Who will be elected this year? Overview.

The SPD in Minden Lübeck lost votes in the 2017 state elections. The party lost about five percent in both districts. The CDU was pleased: while the SPD was still able to claim the second district of Minden-Lübeck for itself, the Christian Democrats managed to win the largest number of votes in the neighboring second district of Minden-Lübeck. Will they be able to do it again this year? Or will another party emerge victorious in the May 15th state elections? An overview from the perspective of Minden-Lübbeck.

What was elected in May anyway?

Landtag is the parliament of a federal state. In May, the citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia elect members of parliament who will go to the state parliament. There they control the work of the state government or pass laws. The seat of the North Rhine-Westphalia State Parliament is located in the state capital Düsseldorf. It currently consists of 199 deputies, 100 of whom belong to the CDU or the FDP. An conceivable narrow majority for the incumbent Prime Minister Hendrik Fust. As in Bundestag elections, all eligible voters can choose a direct candidate with their first vote. With the second vote they chose a party. The state is divided into 128 electoral districts, two of which are in Bonn.

What’s new at Minden-Lübbecke in 2022?

In Minden-Lübbecke there will be no changes to the electoral districting for the 2022 state elections.

The city of Bad Oeynhausen comprising the counties of Deme, Edinghausen, Volmerdingsen and First Wolferdingsen has already been allocated to Constituency 91 (Herford II – Minden-Lübbecke III) for the 2017 state election. Accordingly, nominations for this constituency this year must also be submitted to the county return officer in the Hereford region.

What constituencies are in Minden-Lübbecke?

  • Minden-Lübbecke I (88th arrondissement): the municipalities of Espelkamp, ​​Hille, Hüllhorst, Lübbecke, Petershagen, Preußisch Oldendorf, Rahden and Stemwede
  • Minden-Lübbecke II (89th arrondissement): the communities of Minden, Porta Westfalica and Bad Oeynhausen with the districts of Bad Oeynhausen, Lohe and Rehme

Who represents Minden Lubeck in the current state parliament?

In the 2017 state elections, CDU MPs Bianca Winkelmann and Christina Wing of the SPD won the most votes in their respective constituencies and have been represented in the state parliament ever since. Thomas Rückermann (AfD) was able to enter the Dusseldorf State Parliament via the state list.

Which candidates can be elected in Minden-Lübbecke by first vote?

The parties nominated the following persons for the 2022 state elections in the two constituencies:

  • Minden-Lübbecke I: Daniela Beihl (FDP), Matthias Groh (AfD), Benjamin Rauer (Greens), Andreas Schröder (SPD), Bianca Winkelmann (CDU), Karsten Ebert (dieBasis), Dietrich Janzen (Bündnis C) and Martin Klee (free voters)
  • Minden-Lübbecke II: Jonas Horstmann (CDU), Matthias Konig (FDP), Michael Müller (Free Voters), Jana Sasse (Greens), Christina Weng (SPD), Werner Birtsch (dieBasis) and Thomas Röckermann (AfD)

Parties available for election by second vote?

In the North Rhine-Westphalian state elections, 29 parties can compete for second votes with state lists. This was announced by the returning state officer in Dusseldorf. The State Election Commission rejected six lists, including the German anarchist Pogo Party and Christians for Germany. The reasons were a lack of party characteristics or insufficient signatures of support. Thus, the following 29 parties can be elected:

  • CDU
  • SPD
  • FDP
  • AfD
  • green
  • the left
  • pirates
  • Labor Party, Rule of Law, Animal Protection, Elite Support and the People’s Democratic Initiative (PDI)
  • free voters
  • Alliance for Innovation and Justice (BIG)
  • Environmental Democratic Party (ÖDP)
  • From now on…Democracy by referendum – Politics for the people (referendum)
  • German Marxist-Leninist Party (MLPD)
  • Violet
  • Health Research Party (Health Research)
  • German Center Party – the oldest party in Germany founded in 1870 (Center)
  • German Communist Party (DKP)
  • People’s Democratic Party of Germany (Die Besses)
  • German Sports Party (DSP)
  • urban. Hip-hop party
  • European Love Party (Love)
  • Germany Family Party (family)
  • the new ones. Prosperity for all (newbies)
  • Humanitarian Party (Humanitarians)
  • Progress Party (PdF)
  • >> Party for children, youth and family << - Lobbyists for children - LfK
  • Animal Welfare and Human Environment Party (Animal Welfare Party)
  • Todenhöfer Team – Justice Party (Team Todenhöfer)
  • Volt Germany (Volt)

How high was the turnout in the 2017 state elections in Minden Lübeck?

In Minden-Lübbecke I, turnout in the 2017 state election was 61.9% – 5.5% more than five years earlier. Likewise, it was high by 60.6% in the district of Minden-Lübbecke 2. Here, too, turnout increased by 2.7% compared to the 2012 elections.

How was the party performance at Minden-Lübbecke in 2017?

While the SPD received the most votes in Minden-Lübeck II, it failed to do so in Minden-Lübeck 1 constituency. The CDU prevailed there in 2017 by a narrow margin of 2.1 percent:

  • Minden-Lübbecke I: CDU (36.5%), SPD (34.4%), FDP (10.1%), Greens (4.9%), Die Linke (3.4%), AfD (6, 9%), Pirate (0.7%), Other (2.9 percent)
  • Minden-Lübbecke II: CDU (27.6%), SPD (38.7%), FDP (10.9%), Greens (6.6%), Die Linke (4.8%), AfD (7, 5%), hacker (1%), Other (3 percent)

How did Minden Lubeck’s deputies perform in 2017?

In Minden-Lübbecke I, CDU MP Bianca Winkelmann won 43.5 percent of the vote, closely followed by Ernst Wilhelm Rahe (SPD) with 36.7 percent.

In the neighboring Minden Lübbecke II constituency, on the other hand, SPD’s Christina Wing was ahead: at 42.7%, she was ahead of Kirstin Korte (CDU) with 32.7%.

This text will be continuously updated prior to the elections.

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