New Right of Way Rule: Drivers Should Know It Now

Updated: 05/05/2022 – 19:53

Correctly informed by road traffic
A new right-of-way rule has been defined: you should know it now

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The new right-of-way law that has been passed is related to the narrowing of the lane on both sides.

The narrowing of the lane on either side can cause problems on the road if no one knows who has the right of way. There is now this rule:

Do you think you know all the traffic rules? This is fine if you are a driver. Then you will move safely from point A to point B. But even if you are aware of all the previous regulations, you may not have noticed the new decision. We would like to share this with you here. Because the Federal Court of Justice has now decided a new priority rule. You must also know these in order to continue driving without accidents.

What you need to know about the new priority rule

On German roads everything is always clearly organized, every driver knows what he or she should do? Unfortunately not always, as seen in the Hamburg accident in 2018. It so happened that a car and a truck passed side by side on the road. The first is on the right, and the last is on the left. Then the traffic light came and then the lane became one lane. This change is marked “Narrow both paths”. This is where the accident occurred. The truck driver swerved to the right, but the woman who was driving was sure that she had the right to pass. And so I banged. After all, the lady did not want to share the damage that had been done. So this case ended up in court.

If the path narrows on both sides: If in doubt, let the other person drive first

Marking this dispute, the Federal Court of Justice has now decided a new priority rule. From BGH’s point of view, not only the truck driver, but both, was to blame, as it was not a “one-sided narrow road”. Road users must communicate. And this is exactly what the new right-of-way rule is, which and the German news agency have already reported. The March decision was announced last Monday in Karlsruhe:

When two lanes narrow into one lane on the road, drivers should not insist on having right-of-way. “There is no systematic priority for one of the two former tracks,” BGH said. So the car on the right has no priority. Parties do not matter. The ‘principle of mutual consideration’ now applies here. This means that the two drivers must agree on who has the right of way. If the connection is not enabled or disabled, there is an obligation to allow the other road user to drive first.


You can read about more rights and obligations you have – not just in road traffic – on the Legal Guide topic page.

You now know the new priority rule. Are you a good fit in other respects when it comes to knowing about road traffic? It is better to test it immediately. Traffic puzzle: who will drive first here?

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