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In another open letter, 57 intellectuals about publicist and former Green Party politician Ralph Fox called for support for Ukraine with heavy weapons. Only on Friday, 26 celebrities had warned of the move in the first open letter to Emma magazine.

Reply to an open letter against arms delivery

The second message, which was published in various media, gave rise to controversy over German arms shipments to Ukraine. The first to sign are celebrities from the media, science and politics. Among them are writers Eva Minas and Herta Müller, pianist Igor Levitt, FDP politician Sabine Luthusser Schnarenberger, PEN Center Germany president Deniz Yusel and Axel Springer president Matthias Dopfner.

The star pianist Igor Levitt is the first to sign the open letter

The letter aims to encourage Scholz to “quickly implement the Bundestag’s decision on arms deliveries to Ukraine,” because “anyone who wants a negotiated peace that does not lead to Ukraine’s submission to Russian demands must strengthen its defense capabilities and maximally weaken Russia’s war capacity.”

Delivery of arms “for Germany’s interest”

The authors argue against the signatories to Emma’s earlier letter that “rising rearmament under pressure” could be the start of a “global arms race with disastrous consequences.”

Chancellor Olaf Schultz stands between Robert Habeck (left) and Christian Lindner (right) at a cabinet meeting in Messberg

Chancellor Olaf Schultz at the Cabinet meeting in Messeberg on May 4, 2022

It is in Germany’s interest to “prevent the success of the Russian war of aggression.” The letter’s authors write that every war carries a “risk of escalation.” Putin’s use of nuclear weapons cannot be stopped through “concessions to the Kremlin”. All this encouraged Russia to “more military adventures”. The threat of nuclear escalation can only be met with credible deterrence.

Writer Katja Lang Muller now describes it as a “mistake” in signing the first letter. In a guest article in the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” I wrote: “I stand by my fear that the collapse of aggressive Russian anger might also turn against us. But the fact that I signed the letter from Emma magazine to Chancellor Schulz torments us. My conscience.” She does not want to “suppose that she knows what protects us, helps us, and prevents us from going any deeper into this war.”

Arms delivery to Ukraine is also being discussed in other European countries. The current open letter states that “determination and unity in Europe and the West” is now essential and that Germany must not go down a “special path”.

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